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Kamagra24.com is an online pharmacy store targeted to the German-speaking market and they exclusively sell pills for men. Our investigation reveals major legal issues with this store.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2013-03-25
Owner Countryhidden
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
Phone Numbershidden
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes

Regulatory Approval

This is an online pharmacy operating from Europe and as such, they have to display the EU common logo. This needs to be on every page selling medicines for human consumption. This logo cannot be found anywhere on this site. This means they are operating illegally. If they are going to flout the law in such a clear manner, what else are they doing wrong?


When we run a check on LegitScript.com, unsurprisingly we find that they are categorized as a rogue pharmacy. They don’t seem to meet any rules that an online pharmacy should. It is unlikely that there is a real pharmacy involved in the dispensing of pills for this website. It is, therefore, dangerous to consume drugs bought from this store.


Who Operates This Pharmacy?

Kamagra24.com does have a business name and address listed on the site. The company address is actually a residential house in the Netherlands. We have also found this address to be associated with other suspicious pill selling websites.


Domain Information

When checking the domain records for this site it tells us that the owner is a company in Seychelles. This seems to just be a means to hide the real owner’s details and it is likely that the owners aren’t actually in Seychelles.

low trust

The domain name was registered over 5 years ago. This is quite old and could suggest that this site is legit, but given everything else we’ve discovered, it doesn’t seem likely.


Payment and Delivery

Surprisingly, they do not accept credit cards or even Paypal. The only means of payment acceptable to them is a bank transfer. Not only is this not professional and inconvenient for the customer, but it is also unsafe to make a purchase this way. If you don’t know and trust the person you are sending money to this is extremely risky. If you are conned there is no recourse from the payment provider, as there would be with credit cards.

Shipping to Germany costs 5 Euros, Austria and Switzerland are charged 7 Euros. Anywhere else in the world will cost 10 Euros and orders over the value of €85 receive free delivery. Though it is not recommended that you make a purchase from this company.


Kamagra24.com Reviews

Customer testimonials for this site have been impossible to find on independent review sites. They do have a page for Kamagra24.com reviews on the site itself though. It isn’t, however, the normal sort of customer testimonial page you would expect. The page consists of one long review, in fact, it is better to describe it as a story, and it isn’t clear who wrote this story.

Is this a real customer feedback? Since it doesn’t give the name of the customer it is difficult to judge, it could just be a promotional piece written by the website owner.

a long review



They are operating illegally in Europe. The company claims to be based in a residential home in the Netherlands. They don’t have a pharmacy dispensing pills for them. They don’t accept credit cards and they’re hiding their details in the domain records. This setup has ‘scam online pharmacy’ written all over it. We can only award 1-star, this is a fake online pharmacy, don’t do business with these people!




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