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GoodRx is a company that provides American citizens with information on prescription drugs and their prices through its website regardless of their location.  Prescription drugs prices are high in the US, and most American citizens cannot pay for medication prescribed to them, and at least 25% actively avoid filling their prescriptions. Since the prices of these drugs are neither regulated nor fixed, they vary from one pharmacy to another in different locations. The website helps consumers to search for information and compare prices of prescription drugs across various pharmacies in their areas.

How It Works

These affiliated pharmacies have partnered with insurance companies to offer discounts to people with or without insurance. The website allows consumers from different locations to compare drug prices among nearby pharmacies and print coupons. It allows to save up to 80% in costs. The service is absolutely free. They work not only with ordinary customers but also with doctors, hospitals and clinics.


Features and Pricing

There is a PC version and a mobile app which available for iOS and Android mobile devices. That is convenient to use both of them. Firstly, we are checking if there are necessary meds. Every drug has a prescription and a price list according to different pharmacies.  It is necessary to remember that this site does not sell any product or service. Afterward, we choose any likable or nearby drugstore and get a coupon.



– It has a free mobile app which is straightforward and easy to use. Consumers can search for information on medication and available pharmacies wherever and whenever.
– You can enter imprinted numbers on pills to help you identify them in case of a mix-up.
The company has full accreditation and an excellent Better Business Bureau Rating, which means that the company is operating well and treats its customers well.
– The company has a customer service that is fast and responsive in resolving complains and arising issues.
– The website also provides information on drugs made for pets.



– The company has received complaints on rejected coupons and the absence of discounts in pharmacies in many locations.
– Their advertisements exaggerate the discounts, and the prices of drugs tend to be higher than they promised on the website.
– Some of the listed pharmacies do not accept the discount coupons for specific drugs.


Customer Service

In case of any questions, complaints or concerns, the customers can contact the Customer Service by phone 888-799-2553 or submit concerns to the website through the Web site’s Contact Us link.

The company does not issue refunds to their customers because they do not sell any products or services!!!


There are many positive reviews from customers who have purchased prescription drugs at a discount even without insurance covers. They often use the site and think that the service is the best. But some of the customers are not satisfied. Their problems often lie with the pharmacies. For example, some coupons were rejected despite customers called the pharmacies to be assured of coupons acceptance. Some customers claim that the discount received is not as good as the one posted on the website. Others have also complained about the phone number that was provided to contact the customer service. For them, that number was not useful.



This website would be helpful if you want to save money or you have problems purchasing your prescribed drugs regardless of your insurance status. It is also possible to get more information on the drugs and their side effects at no cost wherever you are in the United States. Just be more careful to a pharmacy you choose. Our star rating is 4 out of 5.




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