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Today we check This site offers to fill prescription medications. They claim that they sell medicine at a low price but with good quality. The company exists for quite a long time. However, they have a rather controversial presence. Read on to find out if it is a scam or legit.


Global Pharmacy Plus website was launched way back in 2004.  There are different medication for health issues such as diabetes, asthma as well as anti-smoking, anti-allergies and men’s health drugs. The website also deals with pet care and has some medication for it. However, it is not a real pharmacy, it serves as an agent for pharmaceutical companies by taking orders online. It claims to sell affordable alternatives developed in India, Singapore, Pakistan and the Czech Republic. They are an alternative to prescription drugs, that are made in the USA  and sold at high prices. Ever since the online service started, it has raised a lot of thorny questions its legitimacy. The biggest and most controversial point is that the company is not accredited by any legal authorities and is strongly contradictory if we look through different pharmaceutical review sites.


Domain Info

According to, the domain age are almost 6 years and that shows the site looks like a reliable resource. However, the probable website origin is the Czech Republic, not Canadian as they say. A surprising fact about the company is the hidden information about site admin and its proper location.  This only triggers more debate on the credibility of the website. The site has a lot of visitors, but the level of risk is 59%. One point you should also notice is that there is a malware report detected for this website.


Order Process

The website lets users create an account for quick access to offered services.  To place an order, customers have some options. The first one is just to make an order, the second is to send by email, fax or an ordinary mail a copy of the doctor’s prescription. If customers have some questions they can either email contact support services or use live chat or fax mentioned on the website.



Global pharmacy plus offers the lowest prices and discounts of up to 75% for even some high-end medication which, as compared to the foreign market are close to a fraction of the actual cost. This puts the company in a rather awkward state, questioning liability and authenticity of the drugs. It’s almost impossible to acquire medicines at rates offered by the website at reputable pharmacies. Therefore, that indicates that the site can be involved in cross-border drug smuggling which is a legal offense.


Customers Testimonials

The site has no real customers feedback. They suggest to write them directly or use the link to Bizrate.  Bizrate reviews are 90% positive and that is quite suspicious because we can’t check it: they haven’t got any profiles.


Payment and Shipping

The website is not very flexible as far as payment is concerned as it only accepts master card or bank transfer but does ensure secure transactions via https. It also does not accept online payment such as PayPal, which is sort of a surprise as it is one of the popular types of secure online payments. The company also lacks good delivery options. They only deliver through standard airmail which costs $12 and has no tracking. Medicines are sent out from countries like India and some parts of Europe and it takes around 14 days to deliver an order to its destination.



There still seems to be a lot of confusion regarding confirmation whether global pharmacy plus is a legit service or a fraudulent website. The internet is filled with both positive and negative reviews which might be confusing. However, checked the site with scamadviser we could notice that they don’t look like a reliable service. Besides, this is about health and people’s lives that’s why every detail should be taken into account before buying medicines. Sometimes it is better to spend a few extra dollars to save precious lives as there are many other scam sites online that sell poisonous or counterfeit drugs. Our star rating is 2 out of 5.




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