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common view is a drugstore that wants you to believe that they are a good choice when ordering pills online. They claim that they are selling only the best quality drugs on their store. Our look at this pharmacy worries us, however, they lack many things which would show they are reliable.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2018-12-16
Owner CountrySaint Kitts and Nevis
Contact Informationunknown
Business Information
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-888-524-7141
UK: 44-808-189-1420
Courier mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

Details found in the domain name records for this website address tells us that they have been operating since last September. This isn’t very long for a pharmacy to have been in business and increases the chances that this is an unreliable scam store.

registered in 2018

There is a small amount of information about the owner of the store in the database. We can see that they are based in Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis, though there is no further information available.


Mirror Drugstores

the same templateThis pharmacy isn’t an original, we have seen others that look almost exactly the same as this site. These stores turned out to not be good places to order meds from, so this is likely to be a scam as well.

Other mirror pharmacies include:

  • (read here)
  • (read here)
  • (read here)
  • (read here)

All of these pharmacies are selling the same products and lack anything which would suggest that they are reputable stores.


Business Contact Details

There is a lack of information on the site about who operates this pharmacy or where they are based. This is a concern and means that if you choose to place an order you are giving your information to anonymous people in an unknown location.


Regulatory Approvals

The store doesn’t have any regulatory seals on the site and this isn’t a good sign. They do say that the pills they sell are all from FDA approved manufacturers but provide nothing to prove this is true.


Looking at LegitScript we can see that they have reviewed this pharmacy and aren’t happy with what they discovered. They have given the store the lowest rating they use of a rogue business. This means that the pharmacy isn’t following the rules and regulations that they should to remain on the right side of the law.


Drugs Offered

They sell well-known branded pills as well as the cheaper generic formulas. The best selling items on the store are men’s health drugs.

men's health drugs

They don’t provide any details as to where the pills are dispatched from and this creates a problem. If we don’t know where the pills are sent from there is no way for us to check that this is performed by a reliable business. Since we are unable to find this information we have to assume the worst.

In this case, the worst is that the pills they are selling are fake and dangerous. If you order from this store there is no way of knowing if the pills will be safe to take, let alone that they actually contain the ingredients they claim to.

The pharmacy also doesn’t care if the pills you are ordering are right for you. They don’t require valid prescriptions and this goes against the normal good practice you would expect from a legitimate online pharmacy.


Payment and Shipping

The completion of the order process takes place on a different website. This other site does have a minimum level of security and they offer payment through the following routes:

  • Credit cards
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • E-check

The pharmacy provides two options for delivery. There is airmail for $10 and service with tracking for $30. Airmail is said to take 14 to 21 business days with a trackable courier taking 5 to 9 days. Reviews

This pharmacy offers a large number of reviews on their store. These customer testimonials would seem to suggest that the store is reputable and that they offer a great service to their patients. However, we have seen these comments on many other drugstores including the mirror sites.

copied comments

These are fake testimonials used to try to scam customers of this drugstore.



There are many problems with this pharmacy, first and foremost this is a mirror store which is a copy of other scam sites. They have no regulation and we don’t know who operates the business. We also can’t be sure of the quality of the drugs which they are selling.

We only give 1 star to this pharmacy. You really shouldn’t risk using this store.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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