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If you check the home page of this alleged online pharmacy nothing looks amiss. Indeed, there is everything that you expect to find in an online pharmacy- lists of drug categories available, a shopping cart, acceptable payment methods, and social media sharing icons, among other things. However, do not judge the site by its home page and endless promotional literature. Believe me, there is more than meets the eye. Let us explain.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2018-07-21
Owner CountryRussia/US
Contact Informationunknown
Business Information
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-888-524-7141
UK: 44-808-189-1420
Courier mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

About Website

Great as it may look, scam checks have flagged this website as unsafe and untrustworthy according to Scamadviser. The site uses an anonymous service, making it difficult to identify the site owner. This is the first red flag. It is not compulsory for the site owner to be revealed, but most scammers use this method to conceal their identities. It is clear that someone is hiding something here.

a risky site

This website is also slower than normal. Additionally, it has not been reviewed by other sites. These are the second and third early warning signs respectively. As if that is not enough, its set up also involves two countries, the US and Russia. It is also hosted together with other suspicious websites on the same server. If I were you, would smell a rat and dismiss this site a scam.


Anything positive about this site though?

There are a few positives about this website. First, according to Whois Record, the website is registered and active. It has a valid SSL certificate and it is actually popular according to Alexa. This means that unsuspecting buyers are still being cheated of their hard-earned incomes by this pharmacy scam.

Luckily, tables are likely to be turned against this pharmacy scam with more people learning of its fraudulent business. Don’t forget that this website is only 298 days old. Clearly, even if was legit, it would be too young to trust.

registered in 2018


Products and Services

There are allegedly all sorts of drugs in this US pharmacy scam. Indeed, there are all the drugs that you would find in a legit online pharmacy, both brand name and generic drugs. There is actually a long list of categories of drugs available including:

  • anti-fungal drugs
  • anti-viral drugs
  • antibiotics
  • birth control pills
  • HIV medications
  • muscle relaxants

There are also skin care and weight loss products to give you the feeling that the pharmacy is concerned about your looks. The site says that you are required to have a prescription from a doctor for you to make an order but if you ask me, you don’t need it. If anything, if you try to buy drugs on this pharmacy, you will meet your Waterloo. Either you will lose your money or you will get the wrong drugs.


Empty Promises

Just like legit online pharmacies, promises milk and honey to its customers. However, while honey and milk are present in the legit pharmacies, there is hardly anything worth a person’s time and money at

It promises to ship your orders to you wherever you are on the globe at the lowest shipping costs possible. Your orders are never delayed and your information is kept private and confidential.

Additionally, whenever there is a problem with the delivered package, you can always return it and get refunded. These are all empty promises. Don’t believe them.

If you do, you will be on the receiving end of the scams money-swindling tricks. Reviews and Testimonials

So, what are other people saying about If you look at the testimonials page, you can easily be deceived into believing that this online drug store works. There is a long list of testimonials, all heaping praises on the pharmacy.


However, close scrutiny of these testimonials lets the cat out of the bag. You will struggle to understand what these reviewers are trying to say. The few that are comprehensive beat about the bush too much that you can’t make head or tail of what is being praised.

These testimonials can only be fake, so please ignore them. If they were genuine, they would be available on other sites.



Based on these bits of information and more, this pharmacy deserves 1 star out of 5. Don’t burn your fingers doing business with this scam pharmacy.




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