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main page is just another rogue online drugstore that has many deceptive claims for the customers. For example, they do mention that their drug pricing is always 70% lesser than your local pharmacy. Plus, this online medical store even assures with free shipping offers, SSL security, discreet packaging, easy refund, and much more too. But, we will really need to validate whether these claims are true or they are simply bogus. That’s why we have composed this review where you will get to know about their domain profile, business profile, regulatory approvals, and much more too.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-11-14
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationfake
Business Information
NameErectile Wellness
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Info

Based on the domain information, we have found that this online drugstore is running their business for about two-three years. Well, as per, the domain registration date belongs to 2017. The domain registration date is mentioned as 2017-11-14. What’s more, we have even found that the domain will be expired by 2023-11-14.

registered in 2017

The domain registrant contact details are also mentioned but it looks quite fake. For example, the domain registrant contact name is mentioned as Privacy Hero Inc. The country name is given as BB. The complete address of the domain owner is Port St. Charles Unit 308, St. Peter, BB26013. Surprisingly, the technical contact details and administrative contact details are found to be the same as the domain registrant contact details.


Business Profile

As per, the business profile of this platform looks ok and fine. But, we request you to better be careful. Though the trust score of this drugstore is provided as 78%, we can’t really rely on this pharmacy website. That’s because it’s a pretty newbie site which has not much information. Even more, they do not have any real-time customer reviews too.

new site

Additionally, we have found that the business profile information of this online pharmacy is just a replica of their domain information. The business owner and organization name are provided as Privacy Hero Inc. The domain address is Port St. Charles Unit 308, BB26013, St. Peter, BB. There is a possible likelihood that the platform is being operated either from the United States or Barbados. The website speed of this pharmacy is average.


Regulatory Approvals

This internet drugstore has failed to the regulatory approvals. To give you an unbiased review, we have used and to check if they have approved this platform or not.

Unfortunately, in both of the cases, we have found that the platform has not obtained the approval from CIPA and LegitScript. According to these regulatory authorities, they have a set of rules and regulations which should be fulfilled. If a pharmacy fails to fulfill these standards and rules, they are considered to be an unapproved drugstore. We have already found that has not approved this drugstore as the platform has completely failed to meet the verification standards of CIPA.


Likewise, the platform has not received the approval from LegitScript as well. What’s more, LegitScript has flagged it as a rogue site and recommended the customers to avoid this platform. Despite no approvals, the platform has put fake seals for CIPA and MIPA on the bottom part of their homepage.


Products and Pricing

Now, do you want to know what types of medicines can be purchased from this drugstore? Well, the platform mostly deals with men’s health-related medicines. Apart from that, they even claim to sell other categories of drugs like:

  • anticancer
  • pain relief
  • skin care
  • asthma
  • weight loss
  • women’s health
  • allergy relief
  • sleep aid, and much more too

These drugs come at an extremely low price which is lesser than a dollar in most cases and the quality of these medicines is very poor.


Payment and Shipping Methods

The following payment methods are accepted, such as:

  • e-check
  • Visa
  • AmEx
  • MasterCard

There are two types of shipping methods, for example, EMS Courier Delivery and Airmail.


Delivery Timeline

All orders that are dispatched by Airmail or US Postal Service, the delivery timeline can be 2-3 weeks. The orders which are dispatched via EMS Courier Delivery can take 3-8 business days to deliver an order. Reviews

This site has no real-time customer reviews on However, you can read fake comments from the site.



Final Verdict is a relatively new online drugstore which is running their business with no approvals. They have placed fake CIPA and MIPA approval seals on their homepage. The reliability of this pharmacy seems to be highly doubtful. That’s why we have rated it with 1 star.




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