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website interfaceThe online pharmacy is an Internet source that offers generic drugs for various health problems. They are known for their low prices, however, the pharmacy claims that their product quality isn’t compromised. The website of this drugstore doesn’t state who the manufacturers of their products are and whether they are accredited or licensed by the necessary health regulatory agencies.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2015-06-18
Owner Countryhidden
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
NameDeal Pharma Rx
Phone Numbershidden
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes


This drugstore offers a great store of generic medicines which are easily accessible on the website. The products offered include drugs in these categories: eye/ear care, cancer drugs, antacids, diabetes, asthma, antifungal, antivirals, anti-allergy drugs, supplements for weight loss, herbal products, smoking cessation assistance. The prices of these products are very low.


The prices offered by this online pharmacy is quite competitive with other similar companies selling generic drugs. An interesting thing about this pharmacy is that it doesn’t state if a written prescription is required when purchasing prescription drugs. Nevertheless, it is necessary to get the proper prescription for certain drugs to avoid improper medication use which leads to negative drug interactions.


Payment Method

The pharmacy currently accepts payments via Mastercard and Visa. They are also two options for shipping available presently. As a user, you can opt for shipping though express mail (EMS) or through registered post. It is important to state that there are negative feedbacks with regard to processing orders with regards to this online pharmacy, so before making any payment to this vendor, understand that it is a serious risk.


 Shipping Process

If your order total amount is below $100 USD, you can choose to receive your purchase either by EMS or registered post. However, if your order is totaling between $150 – $250, you will receive the parcel via register post with no fee for shipping. Finally, if the total of your order is above $250, your purchase will get to you free of charge through EMS.



Dealpharmarx claims a 100% refund policy. In a situation where your ordered drugs are defective or got damaged, you will not need to send back the item. It will be reshipped back to you with no extra charges from your pharmacy. However, these are all claims from the company as a lot of customers have complained about never receiving a product after purchase not to talk about refunds.



The data gathered from both scamner and are very consistent and they state the website isn’t safe for use. This drugstore received a rating of low trust and the website is stated to be in a country labeled as high risk. The site is said to be in the USA but this isn’t certified.

The inconsistency of the location is quite suspicious as it connotes the owner is trying to hide identity. This is a common strategy utilized by scammers to stay hidden while carrying out their business.

high risk country

Scamner similarly doesn’t recommend browsing and buying from this online pharmacy. Even though the site has an SSL certificate with protected data, there is a huge risk as however as traffic comes from India but it’s hosting is in Hong Kong. Having such inconsistency certifies this drugstore as a potential scam.



Asides from offering generic drugs at low prices, the pharmacy also offers special discounts of 15% when customers opt for payment through E-check instead of credit cards. Reviews

The reviews of this online pharmacy are quite unfortunate, as numerous customers have a lot of negative feedbacks. Most of the reviews involve buyers compliant of orders never getting processed and unresponsive customer support.



Conclusion is a website that offers affordable and cheap generic drugs, however, there are myriads of complaints against this vendor. Customers have labeled them “crooks” that receive payments without processing orders or delivering products. Their customer support has also been reviewed to be non-existent by users, as customers have stated that they don’t respond to phone calls or online contacts.

There are some positive reviews regarding this website but most of them look like paid testimonials, not real customers. These are all pointers that this online pharmacy is a scam and hence they get a rating of 1 out 5 stars. Regardless of how cheap and low cost the products offered by this online pharmacy, your security is much more important.




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