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website interface is a Canadian pharmacy that seems to blend into the background. Is this a legitimate online pharmacy? How does it rate relative to the competition?

About Domain Name
Registration Date2007-09-17
Owner Countryhidden
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
NameBlue Sky Drugs
Phone Numbers+1-866-995-7387
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno


One reason why their products are so cheap is that they pretty much only sell generic drugs. However, because they offer a number of retroviral and rarely provided drugs, the price you pay for a prescription may be steep because the drug itself is expensive.



A good place for determining whether or not a pharmacy is legit is the website LegitScript. However, LegitScript is biased against foreign pharmacies, especially those that don’t meet standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration or Google, for that matter. This is why we checked the with the Canadian International Pharmacy Association or CIPA. CIPA is a neutral third party site for legitimate online pharmacies based in Canada. Blueskydrugs is a registered member of CIPA; both their drugs and their site are safe for consumers.

an active CIPA member

About five dozen online pharmacies carry the CIPA seal. Their standards are those any consumer would want in a legit pharmacy. For example, they have licensed pharmacists working off of prescriptions for restricted drugs. They have a legitimate, verifiable address, phone number and contact information. They follow international standards for protecting consumer privacy and financial information.



One of the interesting things about BlueSkyDrugs is that they sell more than the top 50 prescriptions. You can find lifestyle drugs, birth control, traveler medicines and so forth almost anywhere. This site stands out for offering drugs for rare conditions like ALS and HIV. You can find vitamins, both over the counter and prescription, here. They have a limited number of “pet meds”. They aren’t trying to sell customers herbal remedies.

An interesting feature on their site is the ability to browse product categories and see which items are available over the counter and which require a prescription.


Security follows, at a minimum, the basic international standards for protecting consumer’s financial and medical information. That was necessary to get CIPA certification. takes it to the next level by having Geotrust as its SSL security certificate provider, one of the best in the industry. Their IT security is head and shoulders above the rest.


Payment Options

They accept payment via major credit cards and electronic checks but don’t accept Bitcoin.


Delivery Options

BlueSkyDrugs coordinates with a network of pharmacies in countries like Turkey, Singapore and Mauritius. This means you could get international delivery of medications from local pharmacies faster, but the hand-off of information and third-party deliveries often result in errors. This results in faster delivery for many international customers but a chance you may not get the order … and it isn’t BlueSkyDrugs’ fault.

Shipping and handling is a modest cost in addition to the price of drugs. The only complaint is that you can’t pay more for expedited delivery. Expect it to take two to three weeks to receive your mail order prescription if you’re in Canada or the United States. It could take up to a month to receive the prescription if you’re located outside of North America.


Customer Service

BlueSkyDrugs offers customer service support via a toll-free hotline. They have service beyond local office hours; you can call them in the middle of the day on a Saturday and still receive assistance.

phone, fax, mail and email

They allow you to order up to a three month supply of drugs if that’s prescribed but no more. Where some countries apply limits to drugs to deter addicts, BlueSkyDrugs may refuse delivery altogether. However, these limits are not a failure of customer service. Instead, it is their choice regarding how to comply with a variety of nations’ laws.

There are a few online pharmacies that can connect you with a doctor who can issue a prescription. That service is rare, and it isn’t available here. Reviews reviews are generally positive. We’ve addressed the issue of international delivery via network pharmacies causing orders to be lost or take a long time. We’re subtracting one star from BlueSkyDrug’s otherwise five-star rating for that reason.

5-star review



Our score is 4 stars for They are a legitimate online pharmacy that takes good care of their customers. They only lose points for taking so long, though this is offset in part by offering so many prescriptions that simply can’t be filled anywhere else.




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