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website interface by its very name promises to be the cheapest or best overall value in prescription drugs. However, we’re going to take the time to do the research about this online pharmacy to find the truth about this site.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2009-02-21
Owner Countryhidden
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
NameBest Price Rx
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: unapproved
Customer Support
Toll-Number +1-888-487-4224
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes


One point of confusion for some new users of this site has been the fact that you can search based on the brand name but are shipped generic drugs, though this has no bearing on the quality of what you receive. They only sell generic drugs unless you’re ordering an over the counter product.

pricing process

Their prices are on par with your local pharmacy. They don’t have discounts and coupon codes, but then again, anyone with a buy one gets one free for prescription drugs is likely a scam.



We’ve checked with the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. Pharmacies certified by CIPA provide drugs that meet FDA standards, so you know they’re safe. Plenty of American consumers go to Canada to get their drugs. is a member of good standing in CIPA. CIPA’s safety standards are those any consumer would want to have met, ranging from quality pharmaceutical drugs to licensed pharmacists to meeting international industry standards for protecting customers’ privacy and financial data.

ative CIPA member sends its pharmaceutical grade drugs from either its Canadian pharmacy or international pharmacies that follow the same high standards to ensure that the end product is safe.



A red flag for an online pharmacy is one that touts low-cost lifestyle medications and lacks commonly prescribed drugs for cholesterol, osteoporosis, or infections. Don’t worry about – they offer the full array of prescription drugs you’d expect from a legit pharmacy. You can fill prescriptions for psychiatric medications, high blood pressure medications and birth control here. They have a limited selection of travel medications here.

The service offers a variety of pet meds, prescriptions for pets, though they aren’t selling dog collars and related products through the website.

They have few over the counter products available to supplement the prescriptions they fill. BestPriceRxhas surprisingly few of these productions available. They don’t sell herbal remedies that get other online pharmacies downgraded by vetting organizations like LegitScript.



As a CIPA member, we know that meets the minimal international industry standards for protecting the privacy of customers’ medical information and financial information. They have better than average 128-bit encryption for their website. has the typical patient privacy notice and back office procedures to protect the medical information of their customers.


Customer Service

They have a straightforward customer support toll free number. Their site says that the phone center is manned from 5 AM to midnight Monday through Friday, but that’s not always the case. They have a fax line, too.


You have to set up an account to order through them, and tech support for account issues is limited.


Payment Options

They accept major credit cards for payment. seems to accept electronic checks but doesn’t accept cryptocurrency. They don’t expressly limit payment to one currency, though if you are buying items with a credit card using a currency they don’t automatically accept, currency conversion fees would apply.


Delivery Options

Their site outright states it may take two to three weeks to receive your prescription. Their guarantee is that it will arrive within a month if in the U.S. or Canada, six weeks if outside of North America.

The delivery fee for U.S. orders is $10. Shipping to other countries comes with a flat $19.95 charge. Some reviews note that this may be applied to a $20 order, so shipping doubles the price of the product. The delivery fee may be waived if you place an expensive order with them, but there isn’t a clear threshold for free shipping. Reviews reviews don’t include horror stories of paying for herbal remedies that made people sick or adulterated drugs that failed to make the patient better. The worst complaints involve having to request a reshipment of the prescription because it didn’t arrive within six weeks. Note that you have to make this request within 90 days of the order not arriving or they won’t do anything about it.

authentic reviews



We give 4-stars for We’re removing one star for their slow delivery times and limited channels for receiving customer support.




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