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24h-Pharmacy.com is a pharmacy which promises that they supply high-quality service to their customers. We look at what they have to offer, only to find that this is unlikely to be the real truth. There are many risks involved with relying on this pharmacy for your medication, read on to find out why.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2016-11-08
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameWorld Pharmacy Store
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-760-284-3222
UK: +44-203-286-3820
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

A look at the domain name records for this drugstore shows that they have been in business for quite a long time. They have been registered since 2016 which might suggest that they are more trustworthy than newer pharmacies. This length of registration is longer than many we see but could still show that they aren’t as reliable as you might want.

registered in 2016

There isn’t any information in the records about who has registered the domain. This could be an indication that they are a scam operation, but it isn’t conclusive.


Business Contact Details

This pharmacy doesn’t provide a contact address on their store. This is often an indication that you shouldn’t put your trust in them, but once again, it isn’t completely conclusive.

They use the name “World Pharmacy Store” as their main site logo which doesn’t narrow down where they are based. This doesn’t relate to their domain name so could indicate some major problems with the business.


Regulatory Approvals

They do display some regulatory seals on the page. This would normally be a good thing to discover, but not in this case. The seals aren’t linked to the regulatory sites they claim to be members of and this isn’t correct.

They use some seals from Canadian regulatory associations which we are familiar with. These include CIPA and MIPA, however, the others aren’t normally found on reliable stores.


Since you can’t click on these seals to confirm that they are valid, the chances are that they aren’t genuine. A check with the associations involved shows that they aren’t members as they claim. Checking on the CIPA site shows that they aren’t registered and that they are using their seal fraudulently.


There is a seal that says “CPA APPROVED” on it, and we see this on many scam pharmacies but don’t believe that it is a real certification. Since it doesn’t link to anything or give the name of a genuine association we have no way to confirm it is genuine.

Checking with LegitScript confirms that this drugstore lacks the correct regulatory memberships. They show that this pharmacy is a rogue business without the correct regulatory approvals.



Medications Offered

This store sells brand and generic drugs at quite low prices. Most popular products on the site seem to be the men’s health drugs.

men's health drugs

They say that the drugs are manufactured to FDA standards but fail to provide any confirmation of this. They also don’t say where the pills are manufactured or where they are dispensed from. Buying drugs from this pharmacy means that you are getting pills that are manufactured and dispensed by anonymous businesses.

Under these circumstances, how can you be sure the pills are even what they claim to be? The answer is that you can’t and, therefore, the pills aren’t likely to be of very high-quality.


Payment and Shipping

Payment takes place on another website which uses the logo “SECURE SHOPPING”, but the site isn’t secure. They don’t have a valid SSL certificate on the site which means your financial information isn’t encrypted when you send it to them. This could lead to your details falling into the hands of criminals and ordering here is an unacceptable risk.

You shouldn’t make a purchase here but they do allow the following payment methods:


  • Mastercard
  • E-check
  • Bitcoin

Shipping will set you back $9.95 for airmail or $19.95 for EMS. Airmail is meant to take 2 or 3 weeks to arrive at your home. EMS or express mail service is said to take 3 to 8 days to arrive and they will supply a tracking number. If you spend over $200 they give you free airmail and orders above $300 provide free EMS delivery.


24h-Pharmacy.com Reviews

There is a page full of 24h-Pharmacy.com reviews on the site. This could appear to be a good thing but we have seen these testimonials on many other sites. They are fake, used to try to convince you the store is reliable.




A look into the details of this pharmacy business shows that they are likely to be a scam. We only give them 1 star as a result and shopping on this store could lead to your credit card information being stolen. There are dangers with the meds they sell and they are lying about their accreditation as well.




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