Reviews – With Caution is an affiliate company that is an RX partner in the distribution of drugs. The online pharmacy claims it runs it’s activities legally and works by all applicable laws. There is very limited information about this online drug store on its website. Read on.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-03-15
Owner Countryhidden
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
Phone Numbershidden
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-532-4808
UK: +44-203-011-0241
Courier Mailno
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Payment Options does not have a special section that describes it’s available payment options but it does provide information on its FAQ page regarding payment for your medications. The website states that it utilizes just one payment method: Credit Card. This is not great because clients would usually like a variety of options in case they are not disposed of for a particular method.


Products Offered

The online pharmacy offers only generic medications and not brand name drugs. Generic medications are ones that are identified with the name of their active ingredient and have a different price, color, and shape than a brand name drug. The manufacturer of the drug identifies it by the brand name. Since this website is an affiliate one, it lists the products in their generic names.


Product Quality

The pharmacy claims that its products are thoroughly tried and has gone through closely checked documentation. It also states that the drugs are produced in India by an FDA approved Indian company, as well as, possess an Indian state license.

The pharmacy states that its pills have an expiry date written on every blister and varies for various batches. Depending on when manufactured it claims the products shelf life is biannual.


Medication Costs

The drugs offered by this pharmacy are very cheap, this is because they offered for generic drugs. Brand name drugs are much more expensive because of the advertising, research, and development involved. Asides from this to obtain FDA approval in the United States is quite costly. However, generic drugs do not have to go through any of those. This makes the pills offered by very cheap.


Pharmacy Legitimacy

Based on results from, worldhealthsupplier is part of a list of organizations considered as rogue organizations which means it is most likely not legit. No specific details on why the pharmacy got this result though. So before placing your data on this website be sure to go through every detail.



Some products offered by this online pharmacy require you to possess valid prescriptions. This is a requirement if you reside in a territory or nation that requires this. If this is required the website states you must send it to them by fax or email in a three-day window or the order will be denied. Orders can only be placed through the website and not by phone calls or email. This aspect is quite shady as they require your credit card details before checking if you have a prescription. Aside from this, there is no way for them to know if the prescription you offer them if from a legitimate doctor.


Shipping Process

Worldhealthsupplier offers 2 shipping methods, one by airmail and the other as an express delivery. The express delivery takes between 5-9 days while the delivery by airmail between 10-21 days. However, if you make use of a mail forwarding service the website states you cannot opt for the express delivery. They also wash their hands off delays in deliveries which is quite absurd. Nevertheless, they claim a refund or an order resend in cases of damaged products FOC. Generally, shipping is ok but there is absolutely no free shipping.


Security of this Website

The online pharmacy claims to offer quality security to its customers. However, it is only secure on its order page, which is very questionable. When you decide to start an order you are directed to an SSL page.

We check it with scamadviser to verify the reliability of this website. However, the site is new and has no feedback. The website owner hides information about it with a special program which ruins the reputation of this pharmacy. It says the site is the USA based but it may also be from the Czech Republic.



The website also claims to be certified by McAfee and WebSafe. These certificates prevent visitors of the site from obtaining malware and viruses. However, there are no signs of the presence of the antivirus on the website or the secure checkout server. There are no proofs for this claim and hence this website cannot be recommended as safe for your any device. It is strongly recommended to possess your own anti-virus while visiting this website. Reviews

The website has testimonials, but we can’t say if they are real, because all the people who left feedback have no profiles. Other resources have no reviews on this pharmacy.



This website can be considered a scam due to the various factors listed above. Requiring prescriptions after payments have been made, claims of antivirus certification which cannot be proved, unsecured site excluding the checkout page. Hence, this online pharmacy must be used with extreme caution.

The rating of this online pharmacy is 1 out of 5 stars.




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