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WellDyneRx.com is an online pharmacy service which promises reduced prescription costs. They strive to optimize treatments for members to increase effectiveness and keep costs down. We check out this site to discover if it really is the best service to use to get cheap medicine online.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2005-10-26
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameWelldyne Rx
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: legitimate
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

What This Site Offers

WellDyneRx isn’t your typical online pharmacy. It is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that works as an intermediary between your doctor and a pharmacy in order to get you the best deal on your medication. They work with over 65,000 real-world pharmacies all over the US, to get you better prices and better treatments to improve your health.

They also have their own their own mail order prescription facilities which are capable of dispensing over 35 million orders in a year. You need to be a member of their service to participate and they serve health plans, unions and other providers around the US.


Domain Name Information

The domain name record for this website address shows that it was registered in 2005 and will need to be renewed in 2021. Domains which have been around for longer are naturally more likely to be from a legit business, and this address has been used for 13 years which is great.

registered on 2005-10-26

The address and business name of WellDyneRx are also found in the domain record. This is another sign of a reliable and safe business that isn’t trying to hide from customers.


Business Contact Details

The business contact information for this organization is readily available online. They operate from a number of locations but are headquartered in Lakeland, Florida.

name and contact info

This is a genuine business location which shows that this company is a more safe choice than many online pharmacies.


Regulatory Approval

validThis business is based in the US so it is required to follow the regulations for that jurisdiction. This means that they have to be accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).

NABP has an accreditation scheme for online pharmacies called VIPPS. This regulation makes sure that the pharmacy protects people’s privacy, has adequate security, quality assurance and provides the ability to consult a pharmacist if needed.

This site displays a VIPPS seal on their front page. We check on the NABP database to make sure that this is correct and find that they are indeed registered with this agency.

They also show seals from URAC, and clicking on that seals confirms their membership to that organization.

full accreditation

LegitScript consider this business to be a legitimate pharmacy site as well.

status: legitimate


Medication on Offer

They offer the normal range of prescription medication you would expect from retail pharmacies. Additionally, they give you access to optimized therapeutic solutions not normally available from most pharmacies.

To get medication, you visit your doctor in the same way you normally would, then either you or your doctor can send the prescription to this company to save you money.


Payment and Shipping

You can pay for your treatments using credit cards, there are prepay options or you can choose to be billed when drugs are dispatched. The business will order medication for you when they believe you are going to run out, automatically.

Shipping costs vary and mail order delivery is typically expected in 7 to 10 days.

You have the choice to collect your drugs from a local retail pharmacy.


WellDyneRx.com Reviews

1,5 starsFinding WellDyneRx.com reviews online is not as easy as you might expect. When we did locate reviews, however, we found a lot of unhappy customers.

An overall rating of just 1.5 from 41 customer posts is indicative of some major problems with the way in which this business operates. It seems like they have some problems when it comes to their customer service. This may be due to the business expanding faster than they have the staff to cope with that level of demand, but whatever the reason, this is a big issue.




This, on the face of it, seems to be a safe choice if you want to get cheaper medication from a legit US business. They have the correct regulation and are a real business based in several locations in the US.

Things aren’t all perfect though, customer feedback has shown up some serious problems with the way this business runs. For this reason, we are awarding 4 stars to this Pharmacy Benefit Manager service.




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