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Tylenol.com is a site which promotes Tylenol pain medication. The website provides more information on the drug and gives you purchasing options for well-known medicine. We look into the details to find out if this is really a good place to shop for pain relief drugs.

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Domain Name Information

The record for this domain name tells us that this address was registered in 1996 and doesn’t expire until 2020. This is a very long time for a domain name to be registered and shows that this site must be operated by a legit business.

work since 1996


Business History

This site presents a very long history behind the Tylenol brand. The McNeil Pharmacy was founded in 1879, the creator of the business focused on developing pharmaceutical products. In 1933 the business changed its name to McNeil Laboratories and in 1955 the Tylenol brand was created with a pain relief medicine for children.

The business was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 1959 and is still owned by them today. This acquisition allowed for the expansion of the brand with over the counter pain relief for adults available in different strengths.


In 1975 Tylenol became the 5th best selling analgesic brand in the US. The brand has continued to go from strength to strength since then, becoming a well-known brand in the US. The sales of Tylenol reached nearly $2 billion in 2016, showing just how big this brand really is.

Johnson & Johnson had an operating income of $17.673 billion in 2017, with net profits of $1.3 billion. They employ approximately 134,000 people and operate worldwide.


Products Offered

The site showcases their substantial range of pain relief products. There are pain relief pills for children, cold and flu, arthritis pain, muscle aches, sinus capsules and pain tablets that will aid your sleep.



Contact Information

There is an email form if you have any inquiries about the product. If you are experiencing any side effects from taking the drug they have a phone number to allow you to speak to someone.

The site is operated by Johnson & Johnson which has its headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Purchasing Options

The site doesn’t sell its products directly. Instead, they direct you to authorized online retailers and show the current prices of their products, comparing the prices between online stores. This price comparison is a useful feature of the site.

different stores


Criticism of Tylenol

This pain relief treatment has a long history, with many people relying on it, but despite this, it isn’t without its critics. Tylenol is also known as acetaminophen or paracetamol and is responsible for an estimated 50,000 hospital visits yearly in the US, due to overdoses. With about 450 overdose deaths each year, of which about 100 are unintentional.

This mortality rate is lower than the large number of hospital visits could suggest, and this is thanks to there being an antidote preventing irreversible liver damage. Longer-term use of the drug can also damage the liver and should be avoided.

bad effectThe problem which seems to cause so many overdoses is that it is very easy to take too much and overdose accidentally. Additionally, people think of it as a very safe drug making the chance of overdose greater due to patients not taking the risk seriously enough.

Adding to this criticism are studies suggesting that it doesn’t actually work that well as a pain relief drug anyway. In some cases, it has shown to perform a little better than the placebo in double-blind clinical studies. In some studies, like that of acute lower back pain sufferers, actually found the drug performing no better than the placebo in a study involving 1825 patients.


Tylenol.com Reviews

There are many Tylenol.com reviews for their pain medication on the site’s product pages. These customer comments are all very positive and seem to be from genuine people.

5 stars

These reviews are very good and we haven’t found any negative feedback. This could suggest that the site is removing or simply not posting any negative testimonials. This is the problem with testimonials being posted to the site’s own pages and one which we can never be certain about.

"be careful"

A less complimentary view can be found on SiteJabber. This person only gives them 3-stars and has concerns about the way the business operates.



This is clearly a site operated by an extremely legit and well-known business. This website showcases the products in the Tylenol range, giving you more information about the product. This is all good, but the best feature of the site in our opinion is the price comparison facility.

We give this site an overall rating of 4-stars out of five.




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