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common view is a scam. It looks and sounds like a scam. But it is working really hard to convince you that its operations are legit. And yet a lot of the information it provides is either vague or it can’t be verified. So you have no reason to take any of the things it says seriously. Like most medical scams, it deals in the sale and delivery of medicine related to men’s sexual health.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2018-09-29
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationfake
Business Information
NameGet your pills and save on your bills
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Info

If you have ever used internet pharmacies before, you probably know that the best among them are also the oldest. They can be trusted because they have a strong reputation that has been crafted over several years, possibly even decades.

registered in 2018

This website came into existence on the 29th of September 2018. It is just 1-year-old, an infant in the world of internet pharmacies. For that reason, you have no reason to believe the grandiose boasts it keeps making. The site speaks like a much larger and more experienced drugstore. And yet it hasn’t been in operation long enough to garner much of a name for itself.

For your protection, you should steer clear of the platform.


Related Websites

For a website that is so recent, you might be surprised to learn that it has a rating of 75 percent. That is far too high for a site this young. No one would blame you for taking that rating and using it as an excuse to trust the site. And yet you are still better off avoiding the drugstore. The reasons will become clearer later on.


The server that hosts medical store is also home to over three hundred other portals, including:

  • traiteurfriso.nk

Again, all these sites have strong Scamadviser ratings and that is a good thing. Scams on the internet typically surround themselves with other scams. The same is true for legit websites. But the fact that it is surrounded by seemingly genuine websites isn’t a good enough reason for you to give this medical store your money.


Business Profile

USIf you were compelled to trust the company because of its trust rating, the business profile is going to change your mind. First of all, this pharmacy doesn’t have a business profile. It is just a website on the internet.

There is no actual company behind its online platform. This is why it hasn’t bothered to show you a business address. It doesn’t have one. It is also the reason why all the contact information it has provided can’t be verified The people behind the scenes do not want you to look too closely at their operations. This is why they have limited the communication options available to consumers. They want to stay a mystery.

You can’t even identify their owner. Some pharmacy owners keep their identities private because they are con artists who do not want their former victims to point them out.


Regulatory Authorization

Things become even more damning in this area. The website is not regulated, accredited, or licensed in any way, which is why calls it ‘Rogue’. It is operating outside the law which makes it an illegal entity.

status: rogue


Available Products

While the pharmacy clams to sell medicine for arthritis, allergies, cancer, hair loss, and the like, most of the drugs it promotes are sexual enhancers. It doesn’t seem to have much interest in the rest of its catalog. Platforms of this sort that only care about sexual enhancers have a history of being fraudulent.

men's related drugs


Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

20%If you take the price tags on the site seriously, then its drugs are ridiculously cheap. But that gives you a good reason to presume that they are fake. The pharmacy hasn’t bothered to reveal its suppliers.

If you are looking to make payments, the company accepts credit cards. As far as their delivery services are concerned, you can choose between airmail service and EMS. If your package takes longer than 30 days to reach you, the medical store will reship your medicine for free. Reviews

This is another area where the drugstore fails. It has no testimonials on external sites that can be trusted. You cannot verify that the reviews on its platform were written by real customers.

may be fake



This online medical store earns a rating of 1 star. It has failed to prove its legitimacy in any area that matters.




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