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main page is an online pharmacy that wants you to believe that they are a legitimate source of medications. They say that their pills are manufactured to high standards, but our look at their business casts huge doubt on this.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2020-04-20
Owner CountryUkraine
Contact Informationno
Business Information
NameTop Generic Drugs
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

This online pharmacy can only have been in business for well under a year since this is what is shown in the domain name records. Such a short domain name registration is more likely to be an indication of an unreliable scam pharmacy.

registered in 2020

There is a lot of information about who owns this pharmacy store found in the domain name records. The domain is registered to someone located in Ukraine, and not a business as we might be expecting. In fact, listed under organization it actually says, “Private Person” instead of a business name.

It is good to find real details for the address of who owns the domain, though it isn’t quite good to find that they are not a business. This increases the chances, very significantly, that this is a scam pharmacy store.


Business Contact Details

contact formThe information we found in the domain name records isn’t repeated on the pharmacy site itself. There is no mention of this business being located in Ukraine, and they provide no details of where they are based whatsoever.

They only have an online contact form or a phone number if you need to make a complaint.

Based on this information, it is very difficult to believe that this is a reliable pharmacy that would protect their customers.


Mirror Stores

This pharmacy is very familiar to us, but not because we’ve been to it before. We have seen this pharmacy template used on numerous other scam drugstores using different domain names.

While only the name is different, everything else is the same. Here are just a few of the mirror sites we have seen recently:


Regulatory Approvals

When you look at this website you might assume that they are approved by the FDA. However, despite the FDA logo next to each of their product photographs, this pharmacy isn’t approved by the FDA. While the formulas of the drugs are technically approved by the FDA, it doesn’t mean that the pills are from approved sources or that the pharmacy is reliable.

not in the database

There aren’t any seals or any indication that this pharmacy is approved to operate by the relevant authorities. We might expect to see seals from regulatory associations, but nothing like that is found on the site.


Medications Sold

This pharmacy appears to offer a fairly good range of medical supplies to their customers. The best sellers on the site appear to be the men’s health drugs, but they also sell a few other types of product:

  • Cholesterol pills
  • Hormone drugs
  • Pain relief
  • Antibiotics

When we check the product pages for what this store is selling, they don’t provide any details of where the pills are coming from or who the manufacturer is are with regards to generic medications. This massively increases the chances that the pills that are sold through this pharmacy are not from regulated sources.

men's health drugs

There is a significant risk with low quality or counterfeit drugs being sold online, and this store could be guilty of selling such products.


Payment and Shipping

Payment for your pills is taken on a different website. This other site does appear to have some security though it’s probably fake, with logos from McAfee and Comodo that don’t link anywhere. They allow you to pay through the following options:

  • JCB
  • AmEx
  • Diners Club
  • Mastercard and Visa
  • Bitcoin

Shipping is only through courier delivery that is trackable and will cost you $30. If you spend over $300 on products, you will get shipping for free, however. Reviews

This pharmacy contains a page of testimonials from very happy customers. This is very surprising considering the pharmacy is less than a year old, but their reviews are far older than the website itself.


There is no way that this can be true, and therefore these must be fake reviews. Looking more closely at this feedback, we have seen it before on many other scam pharmacy stores.



This is a mirror pharmacy store with a lot of things on it that are fake. They don’t have any real accreditation, aren’t saying where the pills come from, and are trying to deceive their customers with fake testimonials.

We only give this store 1 star and encourage potential customers to look elsewhere.




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