Reviews – Failed All Legit Tests is a pharmacy with high-quality medications. However,  we look beneath the surface and find out what is wrong with this online drug store. Our investigations show all the hallmarks of a rogue pharmacy which defraud you. Read on for a comprehensive review on this drugstore.

Domain Details

The domain attached to the site exist barely a year. It was created on 28th April 2017. Furthermore, the website was refreshed on December 20th, 2017; more than 181 days ago.

You have to know that most scam websites wind up one year later.

For a start, the website hides its true location and owners. A possible reason for this can be that they are located in a country that’s considered a high risk for online scams. The domain itself is registered in the United States, but the probable website origin is unknown.

Scamadviser does not trust this site either. It gives only 0% trust rating and warns us on making any investment.


Business Information

The actual business name under which the drugstore operates remains unknown.  What is even more surprising we could not find any registered name attached to the online drugstore and the organization has no licensing body, as well.

The next thing we establish is the server owners. GKG-NET Domain Service Administrator provides server space for this shady site. Unsurprisingly, though the owner city and address are located in USA, their two main servers are located in Russia (a suspicious, high-risk country).



A pharmacy is considered to be operating legally when it does so with regulatory approval from governing bodies within their jurisdictions.  Among the leading regulatory bodies for drugstores are: is not recognized as a member of any of the above bodies and we were not surprised. These owners have gone to great lengths to hide their real identities.


Available Products

The products listed as best sellers on the drugstore all seem to be related to men’s health. The pharmacy, however, offers an almost endless list of other, more known drugs including birth control and antibiotics. Similar to other rogue online drugstores, they don’t ask for a prescription to sell any of their products.

The website also claims to sell only generic drugs of the highest quality. A problem lies beneath this claim and the real situation. Generic drugs are mainly sourced from Pakistan, India and China. These drugs are undoubtedly cheaper, but their quality is also renowned for being low.


Payments and Deliveries

The website offers Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Bitcoin payment option to its clients. They promised a secure payment and they don’t lie: there is an SSL certificate.

The shipping policy is very easy. They offer EMS and Registered AirMail. The first one takes 5-7 business days, the second one is 2-4 weeks. For any question, it is possible to contact them.


Testimonials and Reviews

What other clients say about your service or product is a sure way to build trust and reputation. But we establish that uses FAKE reviews to appear legitimate. All comments are similar, word-for-word, to the reviews of tens of other online scam drugstores.



This is a scam! It cannot be described in any other way as it failed almost all the tests of a legit drugstore we put it through. With no legal approvals whatsoever, nor any known owners, we have got enough to conclude that they defraud clients. So we recommend staying away from this pharmacy! Our rating star 1 out of 5.




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