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main page is an online pharmacy offering low-cost men’s health drugs. They say that they offer a 100% quality guarantee and sell FDA approved drugs. We review this store to find out if it is really a good place to purchase your pills online.

About Domain Name
Registration Date1999-11-18
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: certified
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

This domain name was registered in 1999 and it doesn’t need to be renewed until 2021. This sort of domain history suggests that this site is far more likely to be a legit business, than a store which is using an address which is only a year or two old.

registered since 1999

The domain record also provides information about the ownership of the domain. In this case, we can see that it has been registered by a business in Irvine, California, USA. This is another good thing to find as privacy services are sometimes employed by pharmacies to hide their owner’s details.


Business Contact Details

This site gives the address details for not only the business which runs the store but also the pharmacy which dispenses the medication. This appears to be a good indication of a safe online pharmacy to buy your medication from.

When we check these addresses, the business address in Irvine is for a small office building. There is a virtual office service operated from this building but they could be using normal office space as well.

The pharmacy is called AUM Pharmacy and is located in part of the Gateway Medical Center. They have a sign above their store in Anaheim, California.


Regulatory Approval

status .pharmacyThis pharmacy site is operated in the US and therefore, needs to follow the rules for operating in that country. When checking with NABP, also known as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, we can see that this store is part of their .Pharmacy program and are registered on their site.

This .Pharmacy registration allows them to use the domain name. When using this domain name we can see it points to the same pharmacy store. This regulation shows that the business behind this store also operates which is a similar online drugstore but specializes in a different men’s health drug.

We also see that there is a seal on the store from LegitScript. Clicking on this seal show that this store is certified by LegitScript being part of their merchant certification program.



Medication on Sale

Sildenafil Citrate 20mg - $3/tablet; 25mg - $5/tabletAs the name of the site would suggest, this store sells generic men’s health pills. They also offer a couple of the most popular brand name men’s health drugs as well.

The prices of the drugs available appear to be competitive when compared to well-known retail outlets.


Prescription Requirements

You do need to have a prescription when ordering from this store. When you fill out your information on the site, they will contact you so that they can get a copy of your prescription or get details of your doctor so that they can obtain one from them.

This correct requirement of a valid prescription shows that not only, this store is operating within the law but that this is a safe place to buy your medicine.


Payment and Shipping

The site is operated using a valid security certificate to ensure your private information can’t be intercepted when you enter it on the store.

You are able to pay for the treatment with:

  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Bank debit cards

Shipping is free on most of the offers from this pharmacy. Standard USPS shipping charges are applied on other non-qualifying offers. This store only ships to US addresses and even then, not every state is included. Reviews

As we have previously shown, this online pharmacy has been around for a long time and because of this, you would naturally expect to find many reviews on different sites. However, rather surprisingly we haven’t been able to find any testimonials for this store.

no comments

Their Trustpilot page has no testimonials and remains unclaimed by the pharmacy. Lack of customer feedback like this has to be of some concern as we can’t verify that the drugstore is operating successfully as it suggests.



There are many reasons to recommend this pharmacy site. They have the correct regulation and provide a correct address for the dispensing pharmacy.

Not everything is perfect, however. The lack of customer testimonials puts a large question mark over whether this business really operates in a safe manner or not. For these reasons, we are awarding 4 stars out of 5 to this online drugstore.




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