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Shopping for medication online can be daunting especially when there are so many online pharmacies running. is an online pharmacy that claims to sell meds at affordable rates but are they legit or a scam? We have conducted a thorough review, let’s take a look.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-05-24
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameCanadian Drugstore
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Info

Domain details help us asses the profile of a website without going into details. Running a website on WHOIS gives their registration date, renewal

The website was registered on May 24th, 2017, which means that they have been running for more than 5 years and it can be expected that they have all the necessary approvals, a customer base, and a well-established system.

registered in 2017

Their domain registration was most recently updated on March 22nd, 2023. It could mean that they have some plans for the future.

Lastly, their domain registration ends on May 24th, 2024.

In addition to that, they are using a premium service to hide their real identity. It could have been done to prevent hacking attempts however, it may also be perceived as a red flag.


Business Profile

Assessing a website’s business profile can help us differentiate potential scammers from legit online pharmacies. Upon running on Scamadviser, we noticed that they have been given only a 1 out of 100 score which is extremely low for any website let alone a pharmaceutical website.

low trust

Furthermore, we noticed that Scamadviser has also displayed a warning from NABP that people should not trust them as they are not registered with NABP.


Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory approvals are necessary for running any business in a particular area. NABP and CIPA are two of the most important approvals that are required to run an online pharmacy in America and Canada, respectively.

rogueHowever, in the case of, we realized that not only they are not recognized by either but NABP has also reported

In addition to these regulatory approvals, we also checked the website of LegitScript and as expected, LegitScript has declared them a rogue pharmacy. This is a clear indication that is a scam pharmacy and you should avoid purchasing any products from them.


Products and Pricing

By looking at the types and families of medicine we can also conclude if a website is legit or a scam. In the case of, upon visiting their website, we observed that they have mainly displayed men’s health medication on their front page, which is a classic tactic to lure in victims.


They have listed a huge variety of medications on their website ranging from anti-allergy meds to heart diseases however, it is highly unlikely that you will receive those meds. Furthermore, we also observed that they have listed the price of their meds lower than market rates. It could be due to one of two reasons. Either they are selling those meds on wholesale rates or they are setting bait for potential buyers.


Payment and Shipping

As explained above, they are offering lower rates than the market however, it may be a scam. Nonetheless, they offer a pretty generic user interface. First, you have to choose the meds you want to purchase, then you will be asked to choose a formulation and packaging.

After that, you will be taken to the checkout page, where allows you to make payments using your:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Bitcoin Reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important when it comes to making a verdict on whether you should purchase from a website or not. However, in the case of, we found no customer reviews on TrustPilot.

no comments

In our opinion, having no reviews is worse than having negative reviews as there is no way to check if the online pharmacy even exists or not.



We conducted a thorough review of and we conclude that they are a scam pharmacy and you should not purchase any products from them. We reached this conclusion because they have been operating for more than 5 years yet they do not have any regulatory approvals from either NABP or CIPA. In addition, they have been marked as a rogue pharmacy by LegitScript. Furthermore, they have a very low rating on Scamadviser (1 out of 100), which is unacceptable for an online pharmacy.

Last, but not the least, we observed that there are no customer reviews about on Trustpilot or anywhere on the internet. All these signs point in the direction that they are a scam pharmacy and should be avoided. This pharmacy gets only 1 star.


There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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