RxDrugs.shop Reviews – Suspicious Russian Connection


RxDrugs.shop is a pharmacy which claims to have been in business for 12 years. They also state that they are able to offer the best prices due to their great turnover. We assess this pharmacy and find many reasons to question their claims as well as the store’s overall reliability.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2019-03-10
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameTrusted Tabs
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Name Information

The domain name record for this address shows that this store is brand new and not 12 years old as they would have you believe. Stores which have only been around for a very short time have a greater risk of being a scam because they lack any track record of operating successfully.

registered this year

The record also reveals that the domain was registered using a Russian registrar to a person living in Moscow. Russia is, unfortunately, considered to be a high-risk country because of a large amount of fraud originating from its citizens, so this isn’t a good thing to find about this drugstore.


Business Contact Details

As we have already found out, this store appears to belong to a Russian, but when checking for a business name and address on the pharmacy site we find no information. This lack of transparency is common with scam pharmacies and naturally increases the risk to customers.


Regulatory Approval

This store lacks any regulatory seals to suggest that they are operating within a set of rules to make sure people shopping with them are safe. All they do say is that the drugs are manufactured to the Indian FDA requirements and the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. They don’t, however, provide any evidence that they are really following these rules.

When checking this pharmacy with LegitScript we find that they are considered to be a ‘rogue’ drugstore. This conclusion has been reached because the store lacks the correct legal approvals to trade in the countries they sell medication.



Related Sites

dosage: 50mg/100mgWe have discovered that an information site about a men’s health drug links to this pharmacy if you want to place an order. The site is KamRx.com and it provides information including dosages and possible side effects about the drug.

This site exists for the purpose of directing more visitors to RxDrug.shop but we have found that there are other sites it links to as well. If you are in the US it links to RxDrug but in Europe, it will send you to either Kamagdrugs.com or RelyPharm.com.



Curiously, both of these stores, though using different domain names, are identical and claim to be Canadian pharmacies. We have seen this type of pharmacy site before and they are always scams that are not really based in Canada.

All of the stores we have found linked to each other are likely owned by the same person or organization with the KamRx site used to feed more customers to the pharmacies.


Medication on Offer

men's health drugThis pharmacy only sells generic drugs which seem to be dispensed from an unnamed location somewhere in India. The prices we find aren’t the cheapest online which may suggest they could be of a higher quality. Details are also given about the manufacturers of the pills, though we can’t be sure this is legit.


Payment and Shipping

When you place an order with this store you find yourself redirected to a different site to enter your payment and address information. This is a frequent issue we find with scam stores because they are part of an affiliate network of sites. Payment is accepted using:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • JCB
  • Bitcoin

Standard airmail or a courier service with tracking are your options for delivery. Airmail will set you back $10 with the courier delivery at 3 times the price. Airmail takes 14 to 21 days to arrive with courier delivery taking 5 to 9 days.


RxDrugs.shop Reviews

Finding great customer feedback for a pharmacy you are looking to buy from, can be a great reassurance and make sure that you have a successful experience. But this is only true if the testimonials are genuine.

When we look at the RxDrugs.shop reviews found on their testimonial page, it is a surprise to find that they have so many. They have around 30 very positive comments on this page and this is unusual because their site has only been online for a few months.

lots of feedback on such a new site

It is very clear that these customer reviews are fake. One of the comments says that they placed an order in 2006 when the site was only created this year.



There are many problems with this drugstore including the lack of information about the ownership on the site. We have also established that the owner runs at least two other pharmacy stores and probably many more than that.

It is our finding that a rating of 2 stars is appropriate for this store. There are many better choices to get safe meds online than this pharmacy.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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