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RxConnected.com is a Canadian pharmacy which promises to provide affordable and safe medicine to Americans. They say they have a price match guarantee and offer pharmacist consultations. We investigate this store to discover if you can really put your trust in this business to provide your medicine.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2013-09-24
Owner CountryCanada
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameRx Connected
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Information

Information on when website addresses were registered and a few other details are available in the Whois database. The information on this site tells us that they have been around for quite a long time, the domain was registered in 2013. Sites which have been registered for longer would suggest that the business is more likely to be legit as sites which rip people off tend not to hang around long.

work since 2013

A privacy service has been used to keep the name and address of the owner out of the database. This isn’t a particularly a good sign of a reliable pharmacy.


Business Contact Details

Websites which give you their contact details freely show that they have nothing to hide and are therefore more easy to trust. The contact information given on this pharmacy store is only for a PO box address and not a real business location.

a postal address and phone/fax numbers

This means that, though they claim to be in Canada, we don’t know that for sure. They could, in reality, be located anywhere in the world.


Regulatory Approval

Proper regulation of online drugstores helps to keep consumers safe when shopping for medication. As this drugstore is in Canada the main regulatory association that governs them is CIPA. This Canadian pharmacy is correctly registered with CIPA.

an active member

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association makes sure that there is a Canadian real-world pharmacy which dispenses some of the medication. It also makes sure that the business has privacy policies in place to keep your data, both financial and personal, safe from abuse or being leaked to third parties.


Related Sites

During our investigation of this pharmacy, we’ve discovered that there are some very similar sites also online. These sites use mostly the same content, with the same site layout and similar or identical graphics. Though these stores often use different PO box addresses, it seems clear that they are owned by the same business.

  • CanadaPharmacyDepot.com (Read here)
  • CanadianPharmacyService.com (Read here)
  • CanadaMedsUnited.com (Read here)
  • CanadaDrugWarehouse.com
  • CanadaMedPharmacy.com
  • CanadaPharmacyDelivery.com


Medicine on Sale

This site offers a wide range of both brand and generic medications. You will need to send them a valid prescription for most of the drugs on offer on the site. Drugs are dispatched from Canada and fulfillment sites around the world. These fulfillment centers are said to be certified by regulatory bodies in their own jurisdictions.


Special Offers

One special offer, which is highlighted on the front page of the site, gives you a bonus when you refer someone else to the store. They will give you $35 for every friend you send to the site, who then becomes a customer.



Payment and Shipping

This pharmacy site is secure and therefore it is safe to use your credit card information on the checkout page to purchase your pills.

Airmail shipping costs just $10 with delivery expected within two weeks. They only ship drugs to US addresses, however.


RxConnected.com Reviews

It can be easy to be persuaded by great feedback you find from previous customers. All isn’t always as it seems, unfortunately, with customer testimonials. Some less than legit online pharmacies create fake reviews about their site to try to manipulate potential customers into making a purchase. Even more reputable stores can be guilty of encouraging positive customer comments with the use of discounts on future sales.

When searching for RxConnected.com reviews we can only find customer comments on the front page of the store itself. Customer reviews which are posted to the pharmacy site are only ever going to be positive, and that is what we find here.

the same reviews

These customer testimonials are also posted on the front pages of the related sites mentioned before. Therefore, we are to assume that this feedback is for the business running these sites, rather than this particular store.



This online pharmacy has the correct regulatory approval and they have been around for over 5 years. They also require prescriptions where appropriate and have reasonable shipping costs. But it isn’t all good news with this store. They are part of a network of related stores and their customer feedback doesn’t relate to the site directly.

Overall we award this store 3-stars out of a possible five.




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