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Are you planning to buy the prescription medicines online and looking for a reliable platform where you can place an order? If yes, then we do not recommend Riverpharmacy.ca to you. As per our opinion, it’s a risky and unsafe online drugstore. We have already done a thorough review cum analysis of this drugstore and our findings are summarized below.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2006-01-18
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameRiver Pharmacy
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Info

First of all, we will be validating the domain registration details of this particular drugstore website. These details have been obtained via whois.com. Clearly, it’s mentioned that the domain registration date is 2006-01-18. It implies that the domain is being operated since 2006 (for approximately 13 years by now).

registered on 2006-01-18

Since the platform is being operational for around 13 years, we can mention that it’s not new or novice in the underlying business arena. Rather, they have a sufficient amount of experience and expertise in the arena. But, the domain expiry date shows that it’s going to be expired pretty soon i.e. on 2019-01-18. The domain registrant contact name is given as Groove Systems.


Business Profile Details

After validating the domain details, we are now all set to verify the business profile details of this particular pharmacy website. To verify these details, we have taken the reference of scamadviser.com.

high trust

As per scamadviser.com, the website has a high trust rating and it looks safe to use. Nevertheless, we simply do not believe in these facts. Because this is a risky and unsafe internet drugstore which you are requested to avoid.

The business owner of this platform is mentioned as Groove Systems and the probable website location is the US or Canada. Other than that, it’s also mentioned that the pharmacy has been already flagged as a rogue platform.


Regulatory Approvals

We should now check if this platform is approved by CIPA and LegitScript or they do not have any regulatory approvals as such. If the platform has the regulatory approvals, then it’s quite evident that the platform dispenses their medications from licensed pharmacies. All legit pharmacies must possess at least a valid regulatory approval.


However, this online drugstore has failed to comply with the rules and regulations of both CIPA and LegitScript. That’s why CIPA has not certified or approved this pharmacy. What’s more, it has been flagged as a rogue drugstore as per LegitScript.

Considering the facts that it’s an unapproved website which is most probably running a scam online pharmacy business, we recommend you to avoid this website and do not purchase any medicines from them.


Products and Pricing

If you are interested to know which categories of medications this platform sells, then you should check this section for more details. Well, the platform sells a wide range of medications across various categories, starting from acne and allergy-related medications to men’s health, weight loss, and much more too.

The pricing of the medications is quite less compared to the market standard price. That’s because the pharmacy does not procure or dispense their medications through licensed authorities. Plus, the quality of the medicines is poor and substandard.


Payment and Shipping Methods

The platform accepts the standard payment methods using which you can place an online order. The website sends the orders through Express Mail Service. It comes with a tracking option using which you can track the order.


Delivery Methods

In case if the platform is sending an order via Express Mail Service, it takes around 14 – 21 days to deliver an order to your destination. Kindly note, the platform claims to offer an international shipping facility. That means, your ordered drugs can be delivered to any global location.


RiverPharmacy.ca Reviews

no reviewsWe have checked the review and testimonial section of this platform via Trustpilot.com.

According to the information that we have obtained clearly seems that the platform has no testimonials and ratings on Trustpilot.com.

As we have mentioned already, the platform is operating for 13 years yet it has no customer reviews and rating which is a matter or concern.


Final Verdict

To summarize and conclude this review, we should focus on the facts that the platform is not approved by any regulatory authorities and it has no customer ratings as well. That’s why we have already mentioned Riverpharmacy.ca is a risky, unsafe, and unreliable site. We have provided it a rating of 3 stars out of 5.




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8 thoughts on “RiverPharmacy.ca Reviews – Approvals Free

  1. this is a NONSENSE review.

    why would i care if the pharmacy has regulatory approval?

    the only thing i care about, is do they actually deliver the product they are offering?

    why don’t you actually order some items from them and do an analysis of the product that shows up?

    now that would be a worthwhile review.

    if you’re not doing that, then you’re just posting speculation / guesses about a pharmacy you’ve never even used…not much value in that, now is there.

    • Thanks for your comment! According to your words, the most important thing for you is a delivered product. Do you want to say that you don’t care if the drugs are counterfeit or bad quality? Are you ready to put your health at risk because of some dollars? Approvals guarantee that the pharmacy sells drugs in a legal way that is why we think it is so important. Our main goal is to warn people that there can be a risk but not to find the cheapest drugs within Canada or the US. The balance is necessary but when it includes LEGAL meds at a reasonable price tag!

  2. I was left wondering if this river pharmacy.ca was a scam or for real. After ordering and contacting them, there were clear directions on how to pay via Wise. Money duly transferred, I waited. Hearing nothing, I had wondered if it was a scam but no. My order arrived having been shipped from India. Contrary to what you may believe, India does have very reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers and certainly my order came from one.

  3. I would like to let you know, that I ordered from River Pharmacy as well.

    Process was simple and I received my prescription in a timely manner from India.

    I had good service!

  4. I have ordered from RiverPharmacy for years, and there were NEVER any problems. High quality product (exactly what I ordered) was sent straight from India. I received order within about 3 weeks. Reasonable prices, good communication. I strongly suspect that RiverPharmacy is being “dragged over the coals” with online criticism because other “officially approved by the establishment” pharmaceutical competitors are just trying to run them out of business.

    • Thanks for your comment! However, we don’t quite understand your outrage. This pharmacy has not got the lowest rating. They do not have the necessary licenses and this carries certain risks, regardless of your personal experience.

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