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PocketPills.com is a pharmacy that claims to be the best in Canada. There are many pharmacies that claim to be Canadian and the best, so can you really believe this one? Our review of the services offered by this drugstore suggests that choosing this pharmacy isn’t the worst choice you could make.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2012-01-13
Owner CountryCanada
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NamePocket Pills
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: certified
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

Pharmacies that have been around for a longer time are more likely to be legit. And with this pharmacy, we can see that they have been in business since 2012.

registered in 2012

The domain name information we find also tells us that they are registered in British Columbia, Canada. This is the sort of information we would expect to find, though no further details are provided in the records. This makes them more likely to be a genuine pharmacy business that you can trust.


Business Contact Details

This pharmacy is operated from 4 locations across Canada, and they give us a lot of information about those sites. We are provided with not only the address, but also the pharmacy manager’s name, and details of their official regulation.

These business contact details should reassure any customer of the store, and help if they need to contact someone.


Regulatory Approvals

Not only do they give information about the individual location’s registration with governing bodies, but there are also some regulatory seals on the site.


They are part of the Safe.Pharmacy program, and members of the British Columbia Pharmacy Association. Checking this accreditation proves it’s legit, which is another good sign that this pharmacy is reliable.


This pharmacy isn’t operating as part of LegitScript’s merchant program, but they have certified them as legit. This means that they are working to recognized standards and should be safe for customers.


Treatments Sold

The store seems to offer a wide range of treatment options for their customers. Though their prices aren’t exactly cheap compared to many other online pharmacy options, they do tell you who has manufactured the pills.

Main treatment types highlighted on the front page of the store include:

  • Birth control
  • Acne treatments
  • Men’s health pills

Since we know where the pills are being dispensed from, it is likely that this is being done reliably and safely. When you order from this store your meds will be dispensed from one of the four locations they operate from.

men's health drugs

However, this pharmacy only dispenses meds to people living in Canada. And depending on which Canadian province you are living in, you will be able to see which pharmacy your pills are coming from.


Doctor Consultations

Since this store requires you to have a valid prescription, they help you out by offering free doctor consultations. This will ensure you have a prescription if you need one and don’t already have one from your doctor.

Though this service is free, you can expect this to be accounted for in the prices you pay at checkout.


Payment and Shipping

The pages on the store are as secure as you would expect to find from a reputable online retailer. You can pay for your meds using all health insurance brands, as well as government-funded insurance programs, PharmaCare, ODB, and OHIP+.

Shipping from this pharmacy is free and they might even offer next day delivery for free depending on your location.


PocketPills.com Reviews

Reading customer testimonials is always a great way to find out if the store you want to purchase from is going to be a reliable source of meds. When looking for PocketPills.com reviews, many can be found on independent testimonial sites.


These appear to be from genuine customers who are very happy with the service they have received. Particular mentions have been given to the speed of delivery and great customer service. It makes it appear to be a good place to purchase pills from.



This drugstore does have a lot going for it. They have a lot of transparency about not only, where the pills are dispensed from and who is operating this pharmacy, along with the manufacturers of the drugs. This makes choosing this pharmacy a lot easier if you happen to live in Canada.

If you are outside of Canada, this isn’t going to be the pharmacy for you. The prices are also a little bit higher than we normally see for online drugstores, and therefore, we give them 4 stars.




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