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PillsforAll.com claim to stick to the highest business practices, having sincerity and transparency. Our research into this site proves them to be anything but transparent. Can this long-established online pharmacy really be trusted to provide safe medication?

About Domain Name
Registration Date2003-07-21
Owner CountryMalaysia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NamePills for All
Phone Numbershidden
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

Overview of the Pharmacy

This online pharmacy claims to have been online since 2003, and the style of the website certainly supports that claim. The website design does look rather dated, checking in the Internet archives we can see they’ve been using this design since 2010.

quite strange mistakesIt also seems very clear that the person who wrote the text on the site doesn’t have English as a first language. It features many strange sentences which frequently make little sense. Take the ‘About Us’ page for example, “good bases both at Europe” is part of the first sentence. They have removed a reference to Argentina from the sentence as seen in earlier versions of the site. Many pages on the site also contain old and out-of-date information.

The site has quite a small selection of drugs and they only sell generic versions. Despite this, the prices of this store don’t seem very competitive.


Regulatory Approval

Different countries have different rules and laws for online pill sellers. It isn’t obvious where this website is based and they make no claims as to any accreditation. This is a big concern. How can you have any trust in the medication provided if there is no regulatory oversight of this business?

LegitScript can’t find any reason to suggest this site sticks to the law, giving them a rogue pharmacy status.



Business Information

A business name and address should be easily found on reputable pharmacy sites. We have been unable to find any such information on the PillsforAll.com site. The contact page only has an email address if you need assistance. They have a Twitter account that you can use to contact them. No, wait, it has been suspended. Rather strange that they still link to this suspended account on the front page of their site, perhaps they just haven’t noticed.


Domain Name Information

They prominently make the boast that they have been operating since 2003 and the domain record supports this claim. They have chosen to use a name privacy service in Malaysia, so it doesn’t bring us any closer to knowing who really operates this site.

country of registrant



You can pay using Visa or Bitcoin and they specifically say that Paypal is prohibited for some reason.

They offer you a 30% discount on your order if you pay using Bitcoin.

It isn’t recommended that you use Bitcoin to make a transaction here, as there is no means of getting your money back in the event of a problem.


Shipping Options

Shipping costs are $29 and take an average of 10 business days to arrive. They do also take 2 days to process your order before it will be dispatched in discrete packaging.


PillsforAll.com Reviews

Testimonial pages feature on online stores to provide a level of trust in the company. The obvious problem with these pages is that the customer feedback is selected and posted by the owners of the website. So, of course, you are only going to find very positive comments.

Testimonials found on independent third party sites will normally be more trustworthy. There isn’t a page for PillsforAll.com reviews on the site, there are however some comments on Trustpilot.

two 5-star comments

The customer feedback looks really good with an overall rating of 4 out of five. However, there seems to be a bit of an issue with most of the reviews. The testimonials which were posted in 2015, for example, all seem to follow a very similar suspicious pattern. All of this feedback is from people who posted between 2 and 7 comments on the same day and then didn’t ever seem to use their account again. It seems probable that these are fake reviews that the owners of the site have done themselves or paid someone to create.

There are some genuine customer feedback comments, though they’re not particularly complimentary.

negative one



They have been operating for a very long time, this is great and suggests you can have some level of trust in this company to provide the pills they offer. That is, unfortunately, really the only good thing about this website. It’s more of a scam than a reliable drug retailer, with fake reviews posted to Trustpilot and a site which is badly maintained. It really isn’t a good idea to place your trust in this site. We shall only be giving Pills for All 2-stars out of five.




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