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interface is an online pharmacy which appears to be a European site. They claim to be offering the best products at low prices. However, our investigation into this drugstore shows that there are some things not quite right with this store.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2009-08-09
Owner CountryCzech Republic
Contact Informationno
Business Information
NamePharmatheke Europe
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Name Information

The information found in the domain database shows that this site has been around for nearly 10 years. Online pharmacies which have been operating as long a time as this, are more likely to be a legit source of medication. Scam pharmacies tend to not last nearly as long as this, for many reasons.

10 years old

We can also see from the domain name records that the owner of this store has decided to keep their real contact information and business name out of these records. They are using a privacy service to make sure that they remain anonymous within the database. This isn’t what we would normally expect from a reliable business and could point to a problem.


Business Contact Details

The anonymous ownership of this store doesn’t change when checking on the site itself. They don’t provide any information about who they are or where they operate from. This is understandably something which is frequently found with scam drugstores.


Regulatory Approvals

There are strict European laws to protect people when purchasing medication online. This drugstore certainly gives the impression that they are a European business, with their domain name and logo. But despite this, they clearly aren’t following the EU laws regarding the sale of meds online.

The European law says that they need to display the common distance selling logo on every page of their store which offers pills for human consumption. This logo is nowhere to be found on the store and if they are really in the EU they are operating illegally.

When looking to LegitScript we find that they assess the pharmacy as being a rogue business, not following the rules for where they operate.

rogue pharmacy


Medications Sold

This store seems to mostly be selling generic drugs and their biggest focus seems to be on men’s health pills. The prices on the site are fairly high and are close to what you would expect to pay at a proper legit pharmacy. They don’t provide any information about where the medication is dispensed from which is a concern and is normally the case with scam pharmacies.

pills for men

The store uses pictures of drug packaging to promote their products. The generic drugs seem to be using very similar packaging to the brand pills, the only difference is the word for generic in German is written on the box. If this is genuinely the packaging you can expect from this pharmacy, it suggests that manufacturers are very capable of producing counterfeit drugs.

The risks involved with taking counterfeit meds are potentially very great. The pills are unlikely to contain the correct amount of active ingredients if they contain any at all. Conversely, the ingredients could be harmful or toxic, you simply can’t be sure of what you are taking.


Prescription Requirements

This online pharmacy has no requirement for a valid prescription when you place an order. This means that they don’t care if they sell drugs to people that could do them harm. The lack of prescription requirement is indicative of a rogue pharmacy.


Payment and Shipping

This pharmacy store is using a valid site certificate to ensure your details can’t be intercepted when you fill out their forms. Payment is accepted using credit and debit cards.

Shipping from this store is free on most orders. The prices you are paying for the medication seems to be higher to account for this. Delivery takes between 4 and 13 business days. Reviews

This store does have testimonials for the specific drugs they sell on the site. These, however, just speak about the pills and don’t evaluate the pharmacy’s performance. When checking for reviews we do find some on independent websites.

negative comment

There is both good and bad feedback found on this independent site and they seem genuine. The negative testimonials are rather alarming and suggest some major issues with this store. Though, there are many other customers who don’t have any issues when ordering from this store.

negative and positive



This online pharmacy has been around for a pretty long time and there is some good customer feedback. The negative things outweigh the positive here though. They have no regulation, we don’t know who is behind the site and there is the suspicion that they are selling counterfeit pills.

There are certainly betters pharmacies out there, 2 stars out of a maximum of five.




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