Reviews – Placebo Pills is an online pharmacy from Seychelles. They specialize in selling generic and OTC medication and offer very low prices. Should they be on your list of favorites? Find out in our review!

About Domain Name
Registration Date2005-04-22
Owner Countryhidden
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
Phone NumbersUS: +1-800-7155341
EU: +44-203-3185981
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-928-7196
EU: +44-800-048-8055
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

Company Origins is an online pharmacy which doesn’t disclose where exactly it is operating from. The mailing address they provide suggests they are from Seychelles, but there are no other indications as to where they are from. Their business first started operating in 2005 and is still present. There were no interruptions or sudden disappearances in the meantime. The website doesn’t display any kind of certification, which is necessary for a business of this kind to be able to dispense medication.


Available Products

They have a big collection of over-the-counter medication, as well as generic meds. A disclaimer on their FAQ page provides some confusing information regarding prescription drugs. According to them, certain medication requires a prescription to be sent over. At a glance, none of the medication they offer requires one.

The drugs they sell are what you would expect to find in your average online pharmacy. They claim that they work directly with some of the more reputable medication manufacturers. This is why they are able to offer extremely low prices to their customers. The medication you could hope to find there is mostly used to treat blood pressure, cholesterol levels various viruses and allergies. There are a few eye care, antidiabetic and skincare products to choose from, as well.


Business Information

This company seems to be very straightforward with the various ways customers can use to contact them. Starting off, they have a physical address, at Rue De La Perle, Mahe 361, Seychelles. There is also an email address,

On the other hand, if you want to give them a call, you can use their toll-free lines. The phone number for the US is 1-800-928-7196, while the one for the UK is +44-800-048-8055. The good news is that the company offers you a phone number, as a way to reach their customer support. The bad news is that these phone numbers are being used by other companies.

Not all of them are online pharmacies, but these exact same numbers are showing up on at least three unrelated websites. This is definitely not a sign of a legit business. There is also a fax number, in order for customers to send in their prescriptions. Again, none of the medication they sell seems to require one, but they have a fax number anyway and it is 1-800-928-7196.


Official Website

The website doesn’t look like too bad, but it has a fairly simple design. Some of the parts are written very poorly. The medication is categorized for easier browsing. If you want to do some shopping, though, you will have to open an account. There is a bit of confusion regarding the payment methods this company uses. When you first enter the website, you can see a small disclaimer that offers 20% off on your order, if you pay with BitCoin.

On the other hand, if you go to the FAQ page and scroll down until you find the payment methods, it will tell you a different story. It turns out that there is a section explaining how to pay via an E-check or BitCoin. Finally, if you go to the About Us page, it will tell you that this company accepts payments through Visa only. The only exception is the US citizens, who can pay with an e-check and gain a 10% discount.

What brings us to believe this company could be a scam is the website location. A closer look at the website reveals that it is based in the United Kingdom, but operated from the Russian Federation. This is known to be a high-risk country, so it is definitely not a good sign.


Shipping and Delivery Methods

The company doesn’t ship medication all over the world. There is a list of countries available for viewing on the website. It is a lot smaller than you might think it would be. There is even more confusion regarding the shipping options. If you go to the FAQ page again, the company will inform you that they only have a single shipping option. That would be standard air mail. Orders that ship out this way can take up to 22 days to deliver. Furthermore, there is a fixed shipping rate, no matter what the value of your order is. Whatever you order, you are always going to end up paying $16 in shipping fees.

However, if you go ahead and proceed to the checkout page, all of a sudden, you can choose EMS as your courier. Though this was never mentioned in the FAQ section, it turns out you can expedite your order and get it faster by selecting EMS as the courier. Of course, doing so is going to set you back by $28. But, at least that way you can reduce your waiting time to a total of 11 days. You can also track your order if it’s shipped by EMS. Reviews

For a company operating since 2005, there is a terrifying lack of real customer feedback. There have been some here and there and they are all external testimonials. The company doesn’t have a testimonial page of their own. What’s really strange is that the reviews stopped coming in as of the year 2015. Before this time, a few customers left complaints.

It was mostly regarding the company shipping the wrong orders. Other than that, you can’t run into much else. Although the website does get a lot of visitors, there are no reviews to show whether or not these customers are currently happy with the service.


Final Verdict

Is a scam, or is it legit? There is certainly more proof that would make our review lean towards the scam end of the scale. Although no customers point them out as a scam outright, there is a very strong possibility that it is not trustworthy at all.

They have no certificate. The phone numbers they are using also belong to other companies.

The website location is a bit confusing. There are a few pieces of contradicting information on the webpage alone. And for the time spent in business, there are definitely not enough reviews to make this online pharmacy a good, safe choice. This company earns a measly 2-star rating. There is simply not enough proof to make us believe it is safe for shoppers.




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