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common view is an online pharmacy which offers customers many different discounted offers and free delivery. Our investigation into this store case doubt on these offers and highlight other serious problems with this online pill seller.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2016-02-29
Owner CountryCanada
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameCanadianDrugStore Ltd.
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1 (855) 827-83-87
UK: +44 (808) 189-02-16
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes

Products and Special Offers

This online pharmacy seems largely focused on men’s health pills, but they do offer quite a large range of other drugs. Other treatments include arthritis pills, muscle relaxants and skin care medicines among others. The drugs on offer seem to be generic and dispatched from India, even though brand names are often used.

discount, free delivery and sample pillsThere are some special offers supposedly available when you buy medication here. The offers don’t actually seem very believable as they contradict themselves. On the front page of the site, it says that discounts of 10% and 5% are available as limited time offers, though when you go through the ordering process neither seems to be true.

Free men’s health pills from the top brands are also available when you order 60 pills or more. We doubt that these free pills are really genuine and are more likely to be counterfeit versions instead.


Business Contact Details

If you can see the contact information of the business that runs the site it will automatically give you more confidence in the online pharmacy. There is a business name on this site, but the address of the company is missing. The business name is given as ‘CanadianDrugStore Ltd.’, however, when we check with the Canadian Government we find no trace of this business name.

It seems likely that this is a fake business name used to try to con potential customers into making a drug purchase on this site.


Regulatory Approval

For this supposed Canadian company they show no evidence of having regulatory approvals from the associations that would cover them. For a Canadian online pharmacy, you would expect accreditation from CIPA and among others.


They do not have a membership to these associations, this isn’t a very good sign. Another bad sign is that shows them as a rogue pharmacy and not legit.


Related Sites

There are another 30 sites on the same server, many of which seem to be offering similar services. Some of these sites, including and, are exactly the same as the Perfect Tabs site.


Domain Name Records

The domain records tell us that this site address was registered over two years ago and that it expires in 2020. This is a fairly good sign of a legit business, as scam online store domain names aren’t registered normally for more than a year. The reason for this is that they don’t expect to be around for very long, perhaps being closed down by authorities.

We can also see that a domain name privacy service has been used to keep the owner’s details out of the publicly viewable records.




You can buy your medication on this site using credit cards. The FAQ page says you can use many other methods to purchase, though when you get to the checkout page (which is a different site) you find this isn’t true.



Shipping options are airmail and EMS courier. Airmail costs $9.95, it will take up to 3 weeks and you don’t get tracking. EMS courier delivery costs $29.95, it takes up to 9 business days but you do get online tracking. There is a graphic on every page of the site which proclaims free air shipping, however, there is no further mention of this offer anywhere.

There is also a shipping insurance charge that is added on the checkout page, this isn’t mentioned on the site itself. The insurance charge is $4.95 and you can opt out of this but they hide it at the bottom of the page to make it more difficult. Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to increase trust in an online business you haven’t heard of before. Learning how well another customer’s order was dealt with can encourage you to complete an order on the site too. The problem is that many scam online pharmacies use fake customer testimonials to try to trick people into trusting them.


When we look at the reviews found on this site, it is quickly apparent that there is something wrong with them. The reviews seem strangely worded and the age of the customer is also given. When we run a check on these comments we find them showing up on over 25,000 other web pages.



This online pharmacy has been around for a few years which would normally be a good indication of a legit website. There are, unfortunately, many problems with this store that shouldn’t be ignored. The fact that we repeatedly found contradictory information on the site, the lack of reliable business information and fake reviews are the reasons for our 2-star rating.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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