EdHelp24.com Reviews – Say Goodbye to Your Money

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Edhelp24.com has been marketed as a professional online drugstore that serves customers from all over the world. The drugstore has irresistible offers and 24 hours support. However, our investigations uncover yet another online drugstore scam. Below is a detailed review revealing Edhelp24 for what it really is.

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HellpinMeds24x7.net Reviews – Violation of Law

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Hellpinmeds24x7.net is an online pharmacy with a confusing name. Is it meant to be ‘help in meds’ or perhaps ‘hell pin meds’? Whatever their name is, the store shows all the signs of being a scam. Their store is filled with brand name drugs offered at low prices. They even offer to give away 4 popular brand name pills with each order. In reality, these free pills must be generic and not the brand name they claim. Our investigation reveals more problems than just trying to hide generic pill sales though.

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RxStore-365.com Reviews – Copy and Paste

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RXstore-365.com is an online drugstore which seems to be selling brand name pills for a very low cost. The truth is, that they only sell generic versions of popular brands. One of the first warning signs when visiting this store is that it doesn’t have a logo associated to the domain name. This same storefront design is used with different online pharmacy stores, with little or nothing changed. Our investigation will show you that this online pharmacy isn’t to be trusted, for this reason, and many others.

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MedsEngage.com Reviews – Partly Truth

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MedsEngage.com claims to be one of the top Canadian pharmacies. A bold claim and one which our investigation proves to be at least partly false. They sell a large variety of both generic and brand medicines at what they describe as affordable prices. MedsEngage.com also assure potential customers that they are backed by world-class customer service. Whilst this may sound reassuring, our investigation, however, uncovers some surprising and misleading information about this online pharmacy and the people operating it.

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