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canadian pharmacy review is a pharmacy which boasts of being trusted by millions. They also claim to have the greatest choice of meds at the lowest prices. Our investigation into this site uncovers many things which make any claims from them seem completely unbelievable.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2019-02-18
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
NameCanadian Pharmacy
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The Whois domain name database can often give us information which shows some revealing details about online pharmacies. When looking at the record for this store we can see it was only created recently. The owner registered this domain in February this year and newer domains such as this present a greater risk to shoppers.

created this year

Another indication that this pharmacy is actually a scam comes from the fact that they are using a privacy service to make sure that their name and contact details are hidden. This isn’t normally something you find with a reputable online pharmacy.


Web Platform

This online drugstore isn’t original, they are selling products which we have seen on many other sites at the same prices. However, things are far worse than that, we have seen other stores which seem to be completely identical to this with not only the same products but using the same graphics, same store theme and containing the same text.



Business Contact Details

logoTransparency is a good thing to find when you are ordering pills which could potentially do you harm. Unfortunately, this store clearly isn’t interested in providing any information about who owns or operates the store. The contact page lacks either a business name or address and we are left wondering in what part of the world this pharmacy is operated from.

The main logo of the site says Canadian Pharmacy, but we don’t have any way of knowing if this is really where they are based.


Regulatory Approval

The store doesn’t display or talk about any regulatory approvals that they operate under. Since they don’t let us in on the secret of where they are based, we don’t even know what regulation and laws they should be following.

When checking with LegitScript we find that this store is too new to have been reviewed by the site. Though when they do we very much doubt their assessment will be good.


Medication Offered

The site seems to provide a reasonable range of drugs and they sell both generic and brand pills. The best sellers on the store are men’s health drugs.

men's health pills

This is highlighted further by the fact that they give away free men’s health pills with every order. They do this regardless of whether the pills are suitable for you. This shows another problem with the pharmacy, they don’t care whether you have a prescription and if the drugs are safe for you to take.

A lack of prescription requirements is normally a good indication that the store is a scam. They also fail to give any indication of where the drugs are manufactured or dispensed from. This also increases the likelihood that this store is actually selling counterfeit or fake drugs, which have the potential to do you great harm if you take them.


Payment and Shipping

When ordering from this pharmacy you are redirected to a different site to enter your payment information. This is also common to the other mirror sites and is something often found with scam drugstores. If you do decide to complete a purchase on this store they accept:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Diners Club
  • E-check
  • American Express
  • Bitcoin

This pharmacy gives you two options for the shipping of your drugs. They provide an airmail service for $10 and a courier service which includes tracking for $30. Airmail will see your order arrive to you in up to 3 weeks, the courier service has an estimated delivery of 5 to 9 days.

bonus pills Reviews

It isn’t a great surprise to find that there aren’t any reviews found on independent review sites. The reason for this is because the store hasn’t been operating for very long, having only been registered this year.

What is far more surprising to find is that the store has its own testimonial page, which is filled with a large number of customer comments. More unbelievable than that is the dates that these testimonials are said to have been posted. The most recent is from January 2018 which is over a year before the store even existed.

copied reviews

These testimonials are completely fake and also found on the other mirror stores.



There is a great deal of really big problems with this store. It is a mirror of other sites and we don’t know who is operating the pharmacy or where they are based. We also have no idea where the drugs are dispensed from.

This store does a good job of giving the appearance of a scam, we award them 1 star out of five.




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