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Finding affordable and reliable medications is crucial, especially when it comes to generic drugs. claims to be an online pharmacy offering a vast selection of medications, including over-the-counter and intensive care treatments. They promise easy access and substantial discounts on prescription drugs worldwide. However, the question remains: Is trustworthy or a potential scam? In this review, we will investigate its legitimacy, assessing its ability to provide authentic medications. By examining the details, we aim to determine whether is a reliable source for affordable healthcare solutions.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2020-08-03
Owner CountryNetherlands
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameOnline Medx
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Information

WHOIS domain information is a valuable resource for understanding the details of a domain registration. was registered on 03-08-2020, making it a relatively new player compared to established pharmacies. It has been operational for over two years, with the domain last updated on 21-08-2028 and set to expire on 03-08-2023.

in business since 2020

However, the use of a proxy service to hide additional information raises concerns. Concealing contact details can make it challenging to verify the credibility and accountability of the domain owner. Further investigation is necessary to determine if is a legitimate online pharmacy or potentially a scam.

  • Domain registered on: 03-08-2020
  • Address provided: No
  • Phone number: No


Business Profile

A thorough evaluation of’s business profile raises concerns regarding its legitimacy. While the website interface appears smooth, the absence of contact information, including an email address, hampers customer communication and support. The lack of identifiable ownership and the omission of essential details on business availability and the prescription process further diminish transparency.

only 1%

Alarmingly, the pharmacy holds a minimal trust score of 1/100 on, indicating a high risk associated with its operations. Equally concerning is the absence of customer reviews on, despite nearly three years in business. These factors collectively cast doubt on the reliability and trustworthiness of as an online pharmacy, warranting further investigation to ascertain its legitimacy.

  • Organization name: Hidden
  • Address provided: No
  • Phone number: No


Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory approvals play a crucial role in determining the legitimacy of an online pharmacy. However, fails to meet these requirements. It is not a member of CIPA and has been listed as “not recommended” by NABP. Furthermore, categorizes as “rogue,” indicating involvement in fraudulent activities.


These findings highlight that lacks proper regulation and licensing from government safety organizations. Customers should exercise caution and avoid this online pharmacy as it raises significant concerns regarding its legitimacy and reliability.


Available Products and Pricing claims to offer a wide range of products, including men’s health, antibiotics, anti-allergens, steroids, blood pressure drugs, and anti-fungal medicines. However, their special 60% discount raises concerns about the legitimacy of the online pharmacy. Such a significant discount rate can be indicative of potential fraudulent activities.

popular drugs

It is essential to approach such offers with caution. Further investigation is required to evaluate the pricing and discount practices of and determine whether they align with industry standards. This assessment will help ascertain the overall credibility and reliability of the online pharmacy.


Payment and Shipping Methods offers a safe shipping method for delivering products, with an option to return damaged or unsatisfactory items. The online pharmacy accepts various payment methods, providing customers with convenience and flexibility.

While these aspects seem favorable, it is crucial to consider them alongside other factors to determine the overall legitimacy and trustworthiness of Reviews

Customer reviews are crucial in determining the legitimacy of an online pharmacy. Unfortunately, has zero reviews on, raising concerns about transparency and the hiding of customer experiences. The absence of customer feedback deprives potential buyers of essential insights into the pharmacy’s customer service and product quality.

no comments

This lack of transparency casts doubt on the credibility and reliability of as an online pharmacy. Without customer reviews to validate their claims, caution is advised when considering engaging with this platform. Further investigation is necessary to ascertain the trustworthiness of


Conclusion raises significant concerns regarding its legitimacy and trustworthiness as an online pharmacy. The lack of customer reviews, low Trustscore, and absence of regulatory approvals contribute to doubts about the authenticity of this platform. We don’t recommend this online pharmacy. It gets only 1 out of 5 stars based on our review.


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