Reviews – Fraudulent Pharmaceutical Website is a fraudulent website that sells counterfeit prescription drugs. The website is not licensed to sell pharmaceuticals, and the products sold on the site are not safe. The website for, which sells medications and claims to be a long-standing e-commerce business, pretends to be well established. This scam website also states that they only sell high-quality medical items. Since there is a low barrier to entry when buying anything over the internet, it’s critical to verify a company’s legitimacy. In this post, we’ll make the verification procedure easier for you.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2020-06-01
Owner CountryGermany
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameMax Healthcare
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Info

The website address is the domain. According to public databases, the e-pharmacy was established on June 1, 2020, and later updated on June 4, 2021. Your domain name was registered for less than a year and is now set to expire on June 2, 2022. We can infer that the pharmacy platform has not been in operation for a long time. Furthermore, the domain owners of e-pharmacy have not registered their name far into the future, which is concerning on its own.

registered in 2020


Business Profile

It’s critical to know who you’re buying from. The problem with this e-pharmacy is that you have no idea who runs or owns it.

On the pharmacy’s website, a firm called “Max Health Care” appears. However, we were unable to discover a legitimate business using this name. The only verifiable data comes from Eranet International Limited, which registered the internet pharmacy through a non-affiliated firm.

low trust

This e-pharmacy has a trust rating of 1% out of 100 on Scamadviser. This is the lowest possible score, implying that the e-commerce site presents a significant fraud risk to its customers.


Regulatory Approval

The e-commerce pharmacy is not a member of CIPA or the NABP, regulatory bodies that oversee pharmaceuticals. There is no one to assure that they are following the rules. This article aims to show that, in the eyes of the law, purchasing from a site with an illegitimate status takes you into a ‘rogue’ state by legit script regulations.



Products and Pricing

The website boasts “one of the widest varieties of generic drugs.” We tried to prove this, but while they do have a few hundred items, it is by no means the world’s largest selection of generic medicines.

popular drugs


Best-Selling Products

Aside from the three phone numbers provided at the top of the pharmaceutical website, there is also a live chat. The pharmaceutical platform states that its live chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We discovered that no customer service representative was available when we attempted to utilize it.

  • Migraine – Headaches are a type of pain, and migraines are the most painful form. If left untreated, migraines can lead to convulsions, as well as other serious problems. You may alleviate the severe symptoms of migraines thanks to the tablet-based medications available here.
  • Skin Care – Your skin is an essential component of your body’s protection and health. It shields major organs from external harm while making it more difficult for germs to enter your body. Products from this area are effective in treating a variety of skin issues, including acne, itching, and fungal infections.
  • Herbal Products – Manufactured from natural rather than synthetic components. Hair removal creams, constipation medications, and even cancer treatments are among the available items.
  • Anti-Acidity – In this area, you’ll find a wide range of primarily pill-based treatments that target acidity in your digestive system.
  • Alcoholism – Alcohol is frequently romanticized, but frequent and high consumption can lead to addiction and long-term problems. The relatively costly medicine on offer here aids alcoholics in quitting drinking permanently.


Payment and Shipping

free pillsThis e-commerce pharmaceutical provider accepts three different payment methods. Two of these payment methods are conventional, one being credit cards from companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB. Electronic cheques are the most popular form of payment. Bitcoin is another possibility, but it has a greater fraud danger.

The two shipping options accessible on this e-pharmacy are Air Mail and Express delivery, which both cost $9.95. Depending on the package you order, it takes anywhere from 14 to 21 days. Instead of that, you have Express delivery, which is quicker in 3 to 9 business days but considerably more expensive at $29.95. Reviews

There was only one review for this internet pharmacy. It’s fascinating to see that this e-pharmacy received a 5 out of 5-star rating and was referred to as trustworthy. We are suspicious of this third-party review since it omits crucial information, such as that the pharmaceutical website is not governed.


Website testimonials are obviously fake. We can not trust them.



The website has been rated as 1 star. In addition, this site has been marked as one of the most dangerous e-pharmacy in the world. To summarize, provides the highest possible risk of fraud. Because this pharmaceutical business is not forthcoming, you don’t know who to call if there are any problems. The site appears to be a legitimate online pharmacy but is a scam that steals people’s money. Do not use this site!

If you have purchased medication from, we recommend that you immediately contact your doctor and report the incident. Please do not take any of the medications you purchased from this website, as they may be dangerous and potentially cause serious health complications.




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