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website layout is an Irish based site which claims to develop and deliver healthcare management solutions. They say that their system is a revolution in the way that pharmacies provide healthcare to patients. We investigate this site to try to find out if this is somewhere you should look for your medical needs.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2003-09-12
Owner CountryIreland
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameLynch's Pharmacy
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Toll-Number+44-21 4366923
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Name Information

The domain database entry for this address tells us that it has been registered since 2003. Longer registrations are, for obvious reasons, more likely to be a legit business.

work since 2003


Business Location

There is an address for this pharmacy on the store’s pages. The address they give is in Cork, Ireland and they do provide a map to show you where they are located. This is good because the address tells us the store is located on Maryborough Hill, but though it is near this road it isn’t actually on it. Despite this address confusion, they do have a genuine real-world pharmacy store where they operate this business.


Business Background

This pharmacy business was started by Garvan Lynch more than 17 years ago. The business is operated as a sole trader enterprise. Mr Lynch’s qualifications include a pharmacy degree from the University of Liverpool and an MBA from Imperial College London.

The pharmacy claims to be experienced in consultation, monitoring, prescribing, patient well-being and resource savings. The focus of the business seems to be to increase patient’s access to information and making sure there is greater adherence to prescriptions. These are clearly great goals for a pharmacy to have and suggest a more legit business.


Virtual Pharmacist Consultation

a free serviceThis site provides a free online consultation with a pharmacist to existing customers. This is useful if you have some minor health questions or issues with your medication.


Health Information

The aim of this site seems to be to provide customers with as much information as they can. There is a lot of content on the site giving you more details about the medicines they have available. They also give visitors to their site the chance to read more about common health conditions.

They also use social media to increase health literacy and knowledge to their customers.


YouTube Channel

There are a lot of YouTube videos embedded in the site. They give information about common ailments, symptoms and treatments available. They are presented by Garvan J. Lynch, the main pharmacist and owner of the business.


There are several hundred videos that they have uploaded using the Telehealth channel brand. The channel has over 1,100 subscribers with most videos getting a few hundred or fewer views.


Social Media Controversy

The site links to a Twitter profile for the business, though when you click the link you find that the profile doesn’t exist. You can still read comments other people have made to the Twitter account though, and this may reveal why their profile no longer exists.

not found

There seems to have been some controversy over an event held in the pharmacy. They had a guest speaker who seems to hold some very controversial views. The guest was an anti-vaccination advocate and promoted other quackery, which led to some backlash on social media. This may have led to the closure of the Twitter account.

suggestion to boycott

There are comments saying that people’s messages have been deleted on Facebook regarding this event, something which can’t be done on Twitter.


Payment and Shipping

This store doesn’t allow purchases to be made online. You are able to order prescription medication via the site and upload a copy of the prescription, but you have to collect it in person. Reviews

When looking for reviews, we were able to find a few on Google Maps. The comments left by customers are very positive and seem to be from genuine people.

5 stars

We did also find a less than positive customer testimonial on Trustpilot. The one-star customer post is from someone who is very angry about how the virtual pharmacist consultation works, or in his case, how it doesn’t work. Though, this comment seems to be rather unfair to the pharmacy, with this review being harsher than the minor technical issues seems to warrant.

1 star



This pharmacy site does seem to offer many things we don’t normally find in the stores we review. They have a focus on providing their customers with more information about both the medical illness and the treatments available for it. They are also a genuine business based in Cork, Ireland.

The big downside with the site is the lack of ability to buy medical products online. As this pharmacy site is only providing a service to local people, we award them 4 stars out of a possible five.




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