HQPharmacyOnline365.com Reviews – Many Problems Found


HQPharmacyOnline365.com is a drugstore which offers the chance to get 30% more pills with future orders. They offer 24/7 customer support, but is this business really the best place to buy pills online? We investigate to find many reasons to suggest that this store is a scam which should be avoided.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-08-14
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Informationfake
Business Information
NameHQ Pharmacy Online 365
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Name Information

The data in the domain name database for this website shows that it was registered in 2017 using a Dutch registrar. This isn’t very long for an online pharmacy to have been operating and could point to this store being more likely to be a scam.

2 years old

We can also see that the owner of the site has chosen to use a domain privacy service to make sure their real name and address aren’t featured in the database. This is often another indication that this store may be a scam operation.


Business Contact Information

This store provides an online form, phone number and live chat to get in contact with them. They fail to give any information about who they are or where they are based, however. This is a commonly found issue with online scam pharmacies and doesn’t suggest good things from this pharmacy.



Duplicate Stores

We have seen many other online pharmacies which are almost identical to this store. The only difference is the domain name and the name at the top of the page, everything else is the same. This includes the drugs offered, the text used, the graphics and the prices.

the same layout

  • onlinepharmacytab24.com (Read here)
  • medsengage.biz (Read here)
  • canadiansafemd.com (Read here)
  • offshoredrugmart.biz
  • doctorsolve.biz

These stores may be owned by the same person or organization, but we can’t be sure as they like to remain anonymous. This isn’t any sort of indication of a reliable business you should place your trust in.


Regulatory Approval

This store, along with the other duplicates, provides no indications that they are following any regulations whatsoever. This is really a bad thing to find and shows that this website operation lacks any professionalism.


Checking with LegitScript backs up our belief that this store isn’t following any regulations. They assess the store as operating in violation of the law, giving them the classification of a ‘rogue’ business.


Medication Available on Pharmacy

The store mainly sells generic pills but there are a few brand names in their too. They don’t provide any information about where the pills are dispensed from, which is a big concern.

men's health drugs

Men’s health drugs feature heavily on the drugstore and the prices are fairly low. These things together suggest that the chance of you receiving low-quality or fake medication is going to be very high. The risks to your health from medicine made in unregulated conditions could be very great.

Pills may not contain any of the active ingredients that they should or feature other ingredients which could be toxic. Whichever way you look at it the outcome to your health isn’t going to be good.


Prescription Requirements

This store doesn’t have any requirement for a valid prescription for the pills you want to buy. This isn’t surprising as there is no way available to you to get a prescription to them even if they did. They don’t have a real-world address, email address or fax contact methods either.

Lack of a requirement to have a prescription is another factor which suggests that this drugstore isn’t a reputable source of medication.


Payment and Shipping

When you go through the checkout process you find yourself on a different site entirely to enter your payment information. This is something also found with the other duplicate stores. This payment site is secured with a valid SSL certificate and they accept Visa and Mastercard.

Shipping will cost you $29.95 wherever in the world you’re located. They claim that you can expect delivery within two weeks of placing your order.


HQPharmacyOnline365.com Reviews

This online pharmacy is a couple of years old so you might expect to find a few HQPharmacyOnline365.com reviews online. However. we haven’t been able to find any customer testimonials whatsoever.

no comments

Some feedback has been found for the duplicate stores which wasn’t remotely positive, so the chance of you having complaints if ordering from this pharmacy seems to be high.



This clearly isn’t a great place to buy your meds from. They lack regulation, don’t say where the pills are dispatched from and are hiding their name and address.

This site bears all the hallmarks of a scam. We give them just 1 star out of 5.




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4 thoughts on “HQPharmacyOnline365.com Reviews – Many Problems Found

  1. (888) 213-4817
    hqpharmacyonline365 and the practically billions of ones who are the same with same telephone are all scammers including any with telephone number 8882134817 that is
    (888) 213-4817 ! All the similar sites with fake on line contacts lie and say they accept visa card to steal your money. They even have an actual person contact you for some reason. They NEVER even query your visa card and then automatically send u an eamil LIE that your card has not been accepted which is a complete lie and to use another way to pay by which you will certainly cannot do a charge back when you will NOT get anything in the mail and certainly not the sleeping pills you ordered.

  2. I purchased two meds from this pharmacy and both gave me adverse reactions. Wound up having to go the ER becuase it sky rocketed my blood pressure and then it dropped and almost passed out. I want a refund or I am reporting the pharmacy and the meds….

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