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common view is an online pharmacy that claims to be based in Canada since the 1990’s run by an apparent doctor called Dr. Edward B. Armington. Despite claiming to be an online drugstore based in Canada, they accept different currencies to pay with on this website. This online pharmacy is also unique because they also sell medication for pets. In this article, we are going to be going over all the publicly available information about this site and telling you if it is a good option for an online pharmacy.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2019-06-03
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameCanadian Health&Care Mall
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Courier mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Info

The domain for this online pharmacy was first registered on the 3rd of June 2019 which was also the last time the domain was updated. The domain is currently set to expire on the 3rd of June 2020.

registered in 2019

This should make you worried as the website has existed for less than a year plus it gets even worse when you consider that on the ‘About Us’ page of this website it says that they have been in business since the 1990s.


Business Profile

There is no publicly available information about who owns this online drugstore with the register opting to conceal their privacy however there is some evidence that points that the owners of this online pharmacy are based in Russia which makes no sense if they claim to be a Canadian online pharmacy.

0% of trust

On ScamAdviser, this online pharmacy has a trust score of 0% with a label that ‘caution is needed’ when using this website.


Regulatory Approval

At bottom of this online drugstore, it says that they are licensed by the College of Pharmacists of Ontario however when we checked the database of that regulatory body we were not able to find any evidence of this website being a verified member. Furthermore when we checked the databases of other organizations such as the CPA, CIPA and MIPA we were also not able to find any results of this online drugstore being an approved member


On LegitScript, there are no results for this online pharmacy in their database which is because this website has only existed for a few months.


Products and Pricing

There is currently a very limited selection of products available for sale on this website compared to most of the other pharmaceutical e-commerce stores out there. The few products that it is available for sale all come available in a diverse selection of dosages to fit your personal needs and doctor’s advice.


Best-Selling Products on the Platform

Like with the majority of illegitimate online pharmacies there is a lot of pressure put on the user to buy large quantities of certain products, if you see this happening on an online pharmacy website then you need to be extra cautious as there is a high chance of this store being not legit. For some reason, a lot of the images on this website come up as errors which again signals that the admins running this online drugstore are not very professional.

men's related pills

  • Women’s Health, in this section you will find a variety of products including mineral and vitamin supplement as well as medication to help ease the side effects of periods.
  • Anxiety, a big problem among people so it is no surprise that this is one of the most popular sections, in this section you will find a variety of products to help prevent anxiety as well as treat the effects brought on by people having anxiety episodes.
  • Antiviral, in this category you will find all kinds of drugs to help deal with viral infections such as the flu virus, chickenpox and also mouth based infections.
  • Eye Care, the eyes are one of the most sensitive external organs in the human body, therefore, you need to take the necessary care to treat and maintain when needed. In this category, you will find eye drops as well as pills to help treat various infections and conditions.
  • Cancer, there are also cancer drugs available that can help ease the symptoms and treat various targeted cancers such as breast cancer and testicular cancer.


Payment and Shipping Methods

In total there are five different payment methods on this website, the first is using popular credit card processors such as Visa, Mastercard and the Discover card. The second method is using the payment processing system called the Diners Club International which is owned by the Discover card company. Alternatively, you can use an E-check, as well as pay with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and finally using Western Union.

As for the shipping methods they claim to ship to all countries around the world, with a Standard delivery option being available which takes on average between 14 and 21 days for the products you ordered to be delivered. Finally, there is the Express delivery option which takes between 5 and 8 days for your products to be delivered. Reviews

There are no reviews on third-party platforms about this online drugstore, however, there are a large number of testimonials on the online pharmacy store itself which are all mostly positive.

may be fake

Despite this, you should not trust these reviews as they are hosted on the website that they are reviewing which means that they can very easily be created and edited by the website owners themselves.


Is the Website a Scam or Legit?

We are not able to say with full certainty but we do believe that this online pharmacy is a scam as there is so much false information on their website such as how long they have been in business and also the pharmaceutical regulatory bodies that they are part of.

On URL Void, this pharmacy website has 1 warning due to the servers that the website is hosted on being linked to other scam sites.



In conclusion, is a terrible option for an online pharmacy as there is simply no proof that they fulfill any of the orders that their users pay for. Furthermore, this website has only been in existence for a few months despite the claims on the online drugstore itself that they have been open since the 1990s.

From all the information we have gone over about this e-commerce platform, we will have to give them 1 star out of 5.




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