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HendRxHealth.com is a store offering a convenient and simple service for your medical needs. They say that you don’t need insurance and can get started for free. We review the deal on the table from this pharmacy to help you choose if they are right for you.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-11-18
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameHend RX
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

Information in the records tells us that this store has been online since 2017. This isn’t too long, but they could still be a safe drugstore.

registered in 2017

There are some details about the owner of the business in the records. This gives the owner’s name as Tyler Hendricks MD and the organization called HendRx Health, PC. These details match up with the domain name of the pharmacy, making this business appear to be more legit.

There is also an address for the business, telling us that they are in California, USA. Once again, these are the sort of details we would expect, making the store look less of a risk.


Business Profile

On the website, we find the same address as was shown in the domain name records. This is normally a good indication that the store will be reliable.

registered in 2017

When checking the address provided by the pharmacy, we find that they are actually using a virtual office. This is similar to a PO box, with the option of temporarily hiring office or conference rooms.

The address is a prestigious location, so it looks good and makes the business appear more professional, but we don’t really know where they are operating from. This does increase the potential risks to customers since we don’t know where the meds are dispensed from.


Regulatory Approval

certifiedThe store does display a regulatory seal from LegitScript on their site. When we check with LegitScript, we do find that they have the approval that is claimed by them.

This means that the website has the correct regulation to make sure they are supplying safe meds for their customers.


Treatment Options

This pharmacy offers four main areas of care. This includes:

  • Primary care
  • Medication refills
  • Hair loss
  • Men’s health

They say that the pills are dispensed by their partner pharmacy in the United States, though they don’t give any more information on this. All that they say is that the partner is FDA approved, and while this isn’t ideal, we are confident that the meds are coming from the US.

The pharmacy seems to mostly offer generic pills, and the prices are neither the lowest nor the highest we see online. Bearing in mind that they are including delivery and the doctor consultation, the price doesn’t appear to be too bad.


Doctor Consultations

When you use this pharmacy, they will direct you to have a consultation with a registered doctor. This is a free service, with the cost being covered by your tablet order.

men's related drugs

The board-certified doctor will write a prescription for you if you fit the profile for that treatment. You are able to discuss this with the doctor either by email or during a phone or conference call.

Whether you will be required to have a video call with the doctor will depend on the rules in the state you live. They also don’t offer their service in every state in the union, though most are covered.


Payment and Shipping

The store is secure, but they don’t accept insurance plans. Only credit cards are accepted, and these include:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express

Shipping is free when you choose their mailorder option. Delivery is expected in 5 to 7 days once your order is approved. They also allow you to pick up your meds from the pharmacy of your choice, though this will mean you have to pay for the doctor’s consultation.


HendRxHealth.com Reviews

The pharmacy does display some customer feedback on its site. These HendRxHealth.com reviews aren’t from many customers, and they don’t have a dedicated page for the comments. Instead, they are rotated on the front page of the site, though they do all give the pharmacy 5 stars.

positive review

We haven’t been able to locate any customer feedback on independent websites, however. This could mean that any negative comments don’t get published on the pharmacy site, though we can’t be sure.



This pharmacy is doing a lot of things the way they should be done. They have legit accreditation, require doctor consultations, and have some happy customers.

The problem with the lack of transparency is one of the things that stop this drugstore from getting top marks. We give them 4 stars instead.




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