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Hellpinmeds24x7.net is an online pharmacy with a confusing name. Is it meant to be ‘help in meds’ or perhaps ‘hell pin meds’? Whatever their name is, the store shows all the signs of being a scam. Their store is filled with brand name drugs offered at low prices. They even offer to give away 4 popular brand name pills with each order. In reality, these free pills must be generic and not the brand name they claim. Our investigation reveals more problems than just trying to hide generic pill sales though.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-09-13
Owner Countryhidden
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
NameHellpin Meds
Phone Numbershidden
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-888-384-7912
CA: +1-647-694-1568
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Who Runs HellpinMeds24x7.net?

The address of the business isn’t anywhere to be found on the site. There isn’t even a business name given, beyond the domain name. Who operates this site is being deliberately hidden, needless to say, this isn’t what you would expect from a legit company.


Domain Information

Our investigation has turned up the name and address of the person supposedly behind this site. The name and full address is redacted on a normal domain name search but turns up on ScamAdviser.com.

common information

This address is a real residential location, but the name given for the owner seems like there is a letter missing from the end. Perhaps this is the real owner and they removed the last letter because they didn’t want to appear in the records.

The domain name is less than a year old and the website server is located in Ukraine.


Related Websites

There are 53 very similar websites found on the same Ukrainian server. Most of these online pharmacy stores offer similar products and lack address details.

53 sites

There are also 6 websites associated with the email address of the owner. Many of these sites are identical to Hellpinmeds24x7.net with just a different name at the top.


Regulatory Approval

Hellpinmeds24x7.net doesn’t display any logos from regulatory bodies which would hold them to a certain basic operating standard. They haven’t been approved by regulatory associations and have probably never even tried to gain these approvals in the first place. Part of the problem here is that they don’t tell you where the drugs are dispensed from and most of the regulatory bodies are country specific.

This pill selling store has been reviewed by LegitScript.com and is classified as a rogue pharmacy. This is because it is in violation of laws and regulations which exist to keep customers safe.



Payment and Shipping

The site offers the payment options of Bitcoin, MasterCard and AmEx, though we wouldn’t recommend you use them here as the site is insecure. Your payment details could be intercepted if you try to pay for something on this store.

They offer free shipping on all orders over $200. The pharmacy provides two methods of delivery, either courier with tracking or airmail without tracking. They claim delivery time will be no longer than 3 weeks even when using the slower airmail service.


HellpinMeds24x7.net Reviews

On the Hellpinmeds24x7.net reviews page, you will find much praise from many happy customers. This is rather surprising given how new the site is. You may expect this sort of high praise from customers of a well-known brand, but clearly, Hellpinmeds24x7 isn’t that.

When you read through the testimonials it’s clear that something isn’t quite right with them. Perhaps, they’ve been written by someone whose first language isn’t English, which may explain some of the odd phrases.

roxane's review

Take the review from Roxane of Boston, for example. This person uses the word “captious”, a word which I had to refer to the dictionary to find the meaning because it is so seldom used. Then the very next sentence is, very clearly, grammatically incorrect. You wouldn’t expect someone with such a large vocabulary to write such a bad sentence.

We took those words and did a quick search. Surprisingly, that odd sequence of words has actually been used before, over 4,700 times in fact.

the same testimonials

Very clearly these are fake reviews used on a large number of other scam pharmacy websites. The person behind this site, obviously couldn’t even be bothered to go to the trouble of creating new fake feedback.



This store clearly bears all the hallmarks of a scam online pharmacy. The owners are trying to hide who they are, you don’t know where the drugs come from or even if they come from a pharmacy! Let’s not forget their lack of accreditation from regulatory bodies and fake customer comments as well.

You are buying completely in the dark, 1-star out of 5.




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