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common view is a drugstore that says they have been in business for 12 years and offer total privacy to their customers. They give their business address as in Cyprus, but when we check we find some problems that you should know about before choosing to purchase with this pharmacy.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2019-06-30
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NamePills Online
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Name Information

The domain details of this pharmacy show that they have been online for just over a year. This isn’t a particularly long amount of time for a pharmacy to have been in business and could point to problems.

registered in 2019

There is some information about who owns the store found in the domain records. While most information, like the name and street address, isn’t disclosed, it does tell us that they are in Moscow, Russia.


Business Contact Details

There is some business contact information found on the site, which is good. However, this information doesn’t confirm the details we saw in the domain name record. We are told that they are based in Nicosia, Cyprus, and not Russia.

address and phone numbers

A check on this address shows that it is a real location.

We do find some information about “Centralux Ltd” online. It tells us the business was created in 2007 but has since been dissolved. They do claim on the site that they have been in business for 12 years, and if this business name is correct this claim would seem to be true.

The secretary named for the business is a companies formations organization in Cyrus. It seems that this store has been created offshore for the purposes of perhaps avoiding tax or possibly scamming people. Whatever the reason for using offshore company formations, since this business is now dissolved you are taking a big risk ordering from them.

not so clear


Regulatory Approvals

The pharmacy doesn’t show any regulatory seals on their pages. This seems to suggest that they won’t be working to the standards you would expect from an online pharmacy. This could mean that your contact information or even your financial data is at risk when you use this drugstore.


LegitScript doesn’t have anything good to say about them either.


Products Offered

bestsellersThe store offers a pretty decent range of pills to their customers. They do only sell generic types of medicines, however.

When we check the product pages of the store, they do include some information about the manufacturers of the pills they sell. However, we can’t confirm that these details are actually true. It is very easy to write the name of well-known pharmaceutical companies on your website, but we have no way of confirming that this is true.

They only say the pills are dispatched from India. While we would have assumed they are dispensed in Cyprus, it is surprising to find that this isn’t the case.


Payment and Shipping

When you click on the checkout button you are taken to a different website to pay. This other site does have basic transaction security and will accept payment by the following means:

  • Credit cards
  • Bitcoin

There aren’t any choices to be made when it comes to shipping. They only offer a standard airmail delivery service at the cost of $9.95. This is expected to take 2 or 3 weeks to be with you.

It seems like express mail was offered previously, but isn’t currently offered. There is some information about this in the FAQ, but for some reason, it is currently available.

The checkout page offers parcel insurance, at the cost of 10 percent of your order value. This is something many stores offer for free, however, and not a 10 percent surcharge which could get very expensive. Reviews

There aren’t any reviews found on the site or anywhere else online. This means that ordering from this store is going to be a shot in the dark, with no way of knowing how their previous customers have been served.

not found



There are a few good things about this store, but far more bad things. They do provide business details of a company that has been around for a good amount of time, but this business is now dissolved. They don’t have any regulation and the products are likely to be sent from India.

The pharmacy also doesn’t have any feedback from other customers. All in all, we give this store 2 stars out 5. There are far better drugstores online to place your orders with.




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