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common view claims to be a family owned pharmacy with friendly staff offering efficient care. They say they will save you money and provide free delivery on your order. We investigate this website and business to find out if it is a suitable choice for your medical needs.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2014-01-23
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameGrand Avenue Rx
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The domain record for this pharmacy website shows that they have online since 2014. This is a fairly long time when compared to most of the unreliable pharmacy sites we see so this could indicate that this store is more likely to be legit.

registered in 2014

The registrant contact information is also shown in the record. This is good as it is common to find that this information is hidden using a privacy service provided by the registrar of the domain name. The information found here is in line with what is said on the pharmacy site, which is great to find.

located in the US


Business Background

This online pharmacy has an about us page which provides details about the staff currently employed in the business. The owner is shown here and is the same person mentioned in the registrant contact.

The address of the pharmacy is found on every page of the store, which is a good thing to find. The address is the same one found in the domain name records, further proving that this drugstore is legit. When we check the address we can see that it is a genuine real-world pharmacy store.


Regulatory Approval

This pharmacy is located in Texas, USA so we would expect them to be regulated by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. When checking the database of registered pharmacies in Texas we do find that they are regulated as they should be.

active status

Information can also be found on the same site, about the regulation of pharmacists which work in this drugstore. We can see that they employ four pharmacists which have correct and active licenses.


This drugstore has the correct regulation to make sure that customers are safe when purchasing medication from this business.


Compounding Pharmacy

This pharmacy offers custom and specialist compounding services. This means that they are able to tailor medication to the specific needs of the patient. If you have issues taking normal commercially available drugs, this pharmacy may be able to produce a formula without the ingredient which causes the adverse reaction.

This service allows patients to potentially receive a better quality of outcome from the drugs they are prescribed than if off the shelf medicine was used.


Prescription Refills and Transfers

While there isn’t a facility on this pharmacy site to browse and purchase medication, they do provide an easy way to transfer and refill prescriptions. Fill out the appropriate online form and a pharmacist will contact you within 24 hours to complete your purchase. The pharmacy also has an app to make things easier when ordering your prescriptions as well.


Payment and Delivery

their carYou are able to pay for medications from this store using the normal methods, though they don’t take payments directly through their website, that will happen when you are contacted by the pharmacist. This store does allow you to purchase prescription medication by filling out your insurance details.

Free delivery is available if you live in the local area. They have two small cars they use for delivery which are covered in the pharmacy’s decals.

Thanks to this, same day delivery is offered when they receive orders before 2 PM. Reviews

4.3 starsIf you really want to find out how safe and reliable a pharmacy is, a great place to look is customer testimonials. We find reviews on Facebook and Google. The feedback is overall good, with ratings of 4.8 on Facebook and 4,3 on Google.

Most people are extremely happy with the service provided by this pharmacy, citing friendly and professional staff as well as reasonable prices being the strong points of this business.

5 stars



This business is based in a genuine store location in Austin, Texas. They have the correct regulation and provide a service which seems to be safe and liked by most of their customers. Additionally, they offer free same day delivery and a tailored medicine service to better meet patients needs.

This is all very good but there are a couple of problems which prevent this store being right for most people. The main issue is that you can’t purchase directly through the store and they only offer their services to customers in their area. This store isn’t going to be suitable for almost everyone and therefore, we award 4 stars out of 5.




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