Reviews – Grave Consequences

common view is a store that sells a limited range of drugs. They say that they have great prices and secure online ordering. Our look at this business, however, shows many problems which could put you at risk when buying from this pharmacy.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2010-10-09
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameGeneric Viagra World
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

We find in the domain name records that this website has been in business for a fairly long time. They have had their domain name registered since 2012 and this could suggest that they are more likely to be reliable.

registered in 2012

What isn’t quite as encouraging is their use of a domain privacy service. This is something frequently found with scam pharmacies so not something good to find here.


Business Contact Details

If you need to make contact with the customer support, you will need to rely on their online form. They have no other means of getting in touch and don’t provide any business details either.

This means that we don’t know who operates this pharmacy or where they are operating. If you place an order here, you will be giving your financial information to anonymous people in an unknown location.


Regulatory Approvals

This store shows no indications that they are operating within regulations. This could mean that they are running their business illegally and could also point to potential problems with the meds they supply.

status: rogue

A check with LegitScript confirms this fear. They give the pharmacy the rating of a rogue, believing that they are violating the laws for where they try to sell their drugs to.


Medication Offered

As the name of the store would suggest, they sell men’s health pills which are only available generic versions.

The prices on the store aren’t the lowest offered online despite selling generic drugs. They don’t provide any information about, either, where the pills are manufactured or dispensed from. This could be a significant issue and suggests that the drugs aren’t of the highest quality.

The risks of low-quality drugs are very real. You might find that the drugs provided by this pharmacy contain the wrong amount of active ingredients. This could have a very serious effect on the health of anyone relying on those drugs.

The pharmacy also makes no mention of prescriptions. This means that they don’t need the drugs that they sell to be prescribed to the customers that want to buy them. This could lead to serious problems, with risks of drugs mixing and producing unforeseen side effects or people buying pills which aren’t suitable for them.


Special Offers

This store gives away free pills with most orders. This is used to get customers to order more pills with more free meds provided with higher order amounts. Returning customers are given better prices on drugs to keep people coming back.

Free shipping is provided when you spend more than $100 for standard delivery and $200 for express. They also say that they give away trial packs but to provide any information about how you claim this offer.


Payment and Shipping

The checkout on the site doesn’t have any security. If you enter your information on this checkout there is a risk of your details being stolen when they are sent to the pharmacy. It isn’t advisable to make a purchase on this site, but they accept the following payments:

  • Major credit cards
  • E-check

They have two choices for shipping your meds. For $18 you will get their standard shipping which is expected to take 15 to 17 business days. Express shipping costs $25 and includes a tracking number, with delivery in 7 to 10 business days.

free delivery Reviews

the site has a page packed full of great reviews. They seem to show a good history of successfully supplying meds to many customers.

created by the owners

However, reading through these comments we can see that the domain name of the store features in every comment. This is unrealistic, you wouldn’t expect many customers to put the company’s domain name in their testimonial. Since all of the comments have the domain name, they are certainly fake comments.



What we have discovered about this drugstore leads us to award only 1 star to them. They are anonymous and we don’t know where the drugs are dispensed from. This means they are far more likely to be low-quality drugs with the risks they bring.

Putting your trust in this pharmacy could have grave consequences, look elsewhere.




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