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Let’s face facts. Medicine is very expensive, and pharma executives continue to jack up its cost every single year. This has led many people to seek out affordable but generic options through online websites, but some of those websites are questionable. Today we will be going over Is it the real deal or is it a scam? Read on to find out.

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Registration Date2018-06-19
Owner CountryIndia
Contact Informationno
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NameGeneric Day
Phone Numbersno
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LegitScriptstatus: rogue
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You can’t figure a website out until you go and visit it, so we went to and took a look around. Now there were a few things that took us by the throat immediately. The first was its overall design, which in our mind looked truly generic as the products they were selling. That’s not an indicator of anything shady but it doesn’t actually illicit any trust either. So it didn’t make a good first impression. However, its wording brought up some red flags.

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Ultimately it centers around grammatical issues that make you stop and scratch your head. Case in point, proudly presents itself as a major supplier of generic men’s health medication. In their FAQ, responds to the question of whether or not they’re a legitimate site. They say that they are absolutely legitimate. Now the problem with that is this – they offer up no reasons why we should believe them. This is a suspicious tactic that some scam artists use – just take me at our word.

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One of the things we did was see what people thought about, and they have a ton of positive reviews. Here’s the thing – scam artists often post fraudulent reviews on various websites. It’s a trick scam artists often employ when they want to drown out the competition or make themselves look legitimate. And make no mistake, scammers can produce these reviews in bulk.


So Who Are They?

One thing you can do in understanding the legitimacy of a website is to do a whois on a domain. You can look up who owns a domain and find out where they live and what their phone number is. Some registrars like Godaddy do offer whois protection but that’s not the case with A whois check showed ‘s parent company to be Privacy Hero Inc, and their address is at Neptune Court, Suite 204, Allegro Rd, Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands TKCA 1ZZ.

registered in 2018 ‘s home address though can be found at 1667 Chestnut Ave, Trenton, NJ 08611. Now does this show that they’re a scam? Of course not, but knowing who they give you an idea of their intentions. A quick Google search shows absolutely nothing about the parent company. Medical companies and pharmacies always have readily available information with just a quick Google search.


Well, What Do They Sell? sells generic brand medicines that deal with male health, antibiotics, HIV, and for other conditions at bargain basement prices.

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You pay in one of two ways – credit card or direct bank transfer. You can pay with PayPal but their way of doing so requires you to jump through some email hoops.

The shipping fee is very expensive. A $10 purchase had a $30 fixed shipping fee. Their website states that you get your purchases within 8 to 10 business days.


Do They Sell Regulated Products?

Any scammer can slap the name of an FDA-approved drug on fake drugs and sell them at any discount rate. The real question is whether or not they are approved by regulatory committees. In this case, does have any licenses, certifications, or are in good standing with government boards like the FDA, NAPB, HHS, CIPA, or LegitScript and the answer is a flat-out no.

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What’s more, websites like give a score of 1 out of 100 and state that the NAPB advises against doing business with the website. We looked to see if they were on the Better Business Bureau’s radar and sadly they weren’t. The Better Business Bureau has an effective database of businesses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico but not for any business outside those jurisdictions.


So, Are They A Scam?

Our review called up many questionable points that suggest you shouldn’t do business with them. It’s understandable to seek out third parties that can get you affordable medication, but you have to remember that there are scammers who prey on those who are in need and are vulnerable. When doing business with an online pharmacy, check to see if they are legitimate through websites like

Check-in with government regulatory committees like the FDA, Health and Human Services, or the NAPB to see what they say about those websites. Don’t just take a five-star review at their word. Ask questions. Be informed. They deserve 2 stars.



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