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Exact-Pharma.com is a store that offers the lowest prices on men’s health drugs. They say that the products offered are good quality and they pride themselves on their customer support. We review their website to try to establish whether the things they say are true and if you should rely on them for your medical needs.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2007-07-25
Owner CountryIndia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameExact Pharma
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Name Information

We can see from the domain name records that this store has been online for a long time. The records state that this name was registered in 2007 nad this could suggest that this isn’t a scam pharmacy.

registered in 2007

The records have some information about the owner of the store. It tells us that they are located in Tamil Nadu, India. They don’t provide a business name or any more information about the owner than that.


Business Profile

We were expecting to find business details for a company in India as per the information found in the domain records. However, they don’t provide any details of who they are or their address.

This means that if you choose to purchase from this drugstore you are dealing with anonymous people in an unknown location. This is very likely to lead to problems when ordering from a store like this. If something goes wrong with your order it is difficult to get redress from an anonymous business. This makes them very likely to be a scam.


Regulatory Approvals

This store shows absolutely no sign of being regulated to operate their business. They don’t display any regulatory seals on the site and don’t tell us anything about working to a set of standards.

not in the database


Medications Sold

The store is selling men’s health drugs which are generic versions. Their prices are fairly low, though not as low as some places online.

different pills

They don’t give details of wh0 has manufactured the pills or which company dispenses them. They do say that the pills are manufactured in India and dispatched from the UK and EU, though they don’t provide any more exact information.


Are Pills Good Quality?

bad qualityThe lack of information about who has manufactured their products or where they are dispensed leads us to believe that the pills aren’t going to be of good quality. If they were high-quality, surely the pharmacy would be happy to tell us who they are manufactured by.

There is a big risk of low-quality drugs. Do they contain the correct ingredients that you expect? There is no way of knowing unless you have them tested and testing is expensive.


Limited Information

The store doesn’t see fit to give the customer much information about themselves or how they operate. For example, the FAQ page only has four questions on the following subjects;

  • Why you should use them
  • Customer service contact information
  • Delivery speed
  • Payment Methods

This lack of transparency is concerning and makes them less trustworthy.


Payment Methods

The method of paying for your order is very limited from this pharmacy, they only let you pay using Mastercard. This will mean lots of potential customers are going to be disappointed when using this store and isn’t what we would normally expect from a reliable pharmacy.


Shipping Options

They don’t give you any shipping options on the store. They only have one delivery method which takes at least 3 days, but normally 5 days to get to their customers. The costs of delivery vary depending on your location but aren’t overly expensive. They don’t seem to offer deliveries to the USA, however.


Exact-Pharma.com Reviews

There are Exact-Pharma.com reviews found on Trustpilot. The general sentiment of customers isn’t great, however, with a lot of 1-star comments.

bad experience

This is typical of the comments on the site about the drugstore. It clearly indicates that shopping with this pharmacy isn’t going to end well. There is even an allegation of credit card fraud if that wasn’t enough.

card fraud



There are some considerable problems with this pharmacy. If the really bad customer feedback isn’t enough to put you off, they don’t have any regulation and are hiding who they are from their customers. They don’t reveal where the pills are manufactured and we can’t be sure of the quality of the meds either.

For these reasons, there is no way in which we could give them more than 1 star, and we certainly don’t recommend you put your trust in them.




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