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common view is a pharmacy that promises fast delivery times and has some free offers for customers. But does this pharmacy really provide the things that they claim, and should you pick them? We take a look at the things they offer, finding many things that should concern a buyer.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-08-22
Owner CountryGermany
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameEuropean Pharmacy Store
Phone Numbers+44-203-011-0138
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The domain database shows that this pharmacy has been online for a longer time than many of the sites we see. They have been registered since 2017, and could, therefore, be less of a risk of being a scam.

registered in 2017

The information in the database doesn’t provide us with any information about who owns the site. This could be concerning and make the store less trustworthy.


Business Contact Details

Though the pharmacy does claim to be a European business and gives a UK phone number, they don’t give us an address. This means that we don’t know how to contact the store if there isn’t a response via email or phone.

Even though they give a phone number for the UK, doesn’t mean that they are really located in that country. The truth about this pharmacy is that we don’t know for sure where they are genuinely based.


Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory approval is important so that customers can be assured that the company is reliable and knowledgeable in supplying meds. However, this pharmacy does nothing to make us think that they are correctly regulated to better help their customers.


Since this pharmacy is claiming to be a European business, we would expect them to carry the Common Distance Selling Logo on their pages. This is a legal requirement for EU-based pharmacies. As they don’t provide this seal, they cannot be legally operating in the European Union.


Medications Offered

bestsellersThe pharmacy is specializing in the men’s health market and selling generic versions of those pills. The prices on the site aren’t particularly low, however, despite the generic pills they offer.

On the product pages of the pharmacy, they don’t provide details about where the meds are dispensed from. This isn’t just an oversight, this lack of information can only lead to suspicions that the store is a scam.

Pharmacists are trained and regulated for a reason, and anyone could be dispensing the medication for this pharmacy. This could lead to customers getting the wrong pills in their order with potentially serious consequences.


Free Offers

When you spend more than €100, you are given one men’s health oral jelly product free. This increases by one for each one hundred Euros you spend up to €400.

bonus pills and discounts

Free shipping is also provided when spending more than €150, and that gives you free airmail. €200 spent on the site gives you the more expensive shipping option for free. While all this seems great, these discounts could be an indication of problems for customers of the store.


Payment and Shipping

Payment for your medications happens on another website. This other page does have the correct basic level of security to keep your payment details secure. They allow you to pay using the following methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Shipping will cost either €5.95 for their standard airmail delivery or €9.95 for their trackable service. Standard airmail is claimed to take 7 to 8 days to arrive, though this seems very fast, and in reality, delivery is likely to be a lot longer. The more expensive option gives a delivery time of 5 or 6 days, and this too seems very optimistic. Reviews

There is a testimonial page on the store. The reviews found on this page may appear to be reassuring, however, this faith would be misplaced as the comments are fake.

fake comments

We have seen these same comments on other websites and they are not genuine. Fake customer feedback is intended to deceive customers into thinking the pharmacy is more reliable than they really are. It is not something we expect to find from a reliable drugstore.



There are many and considerable problems with this pharmacy. They lack any real contact details so that we can see who they are and confirm they are regulated. Using fake customer feedback heightens the risk that this pharmacy is a scam that you will regret using.

There are many better options to choose from, we only give this store 1 star.




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