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Drugs-1.com adds up to the number of online pharmacies that claim to sell quality drugs at the lowest prices ever. They make many claims, including being a Canadian pharmacy, which isn’t even the case. You need to know more about them before making a single step to purchase any drug with them. Keep reading.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2016-02-25
Owner CountryLithuania
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
NameCanadian Pharmacy
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes


A search for the domain name of this online business on ScamAdviser.com revealed that the website is Lithuania based. To the contrary, they call themselves ‘a Canadian pharmacy’. They do this to blind people, so that their original location cannot be spotted, and that they are seen as a reliable online pharmacy, just because they use the name ‘Canada’. This is a fraudulent action of most rogue online pharmacies nowadays. Thanks to the fact that ScamAdviser was able to locate the correct website’s origin.

may be from Lithuania


Domain Name

The domain name drugs-1.com was first registered in February 2016 and later updated in June 2018. If you happened not to know, the age of the domain name of a website plays a great role in determining its reliability. A 10-year old domain name could suggest that the owners provide good services, that’s why they’re still in the industry. With only 2 years in the business, drugs-1.com cannot just be trusted.


Business Profile

This pharmacy is registered under the business name: Domaincontext Inc. This is a United States based company. It is associated with other rogue pharmacies. This only means one thing; that drugs-1.com has high chances of being a rogue pharmacy too.


Website Use

We decided to investigate a user’s experience when he/she visits the site. Our findings were as follows; The website’s speed on both phone and desktop versions is desirable. We established this after visiting the website using phones and desktops separately. It doesn’t, therefore, waste a client’s time.

The font of the texts on the site is readable for the desktop version but aren’t satisfactorily readable to a mobile phone user. Searching for drugs on the site is easy as they’re sorted in categories. There’s also a search button that eases things further.



According to them, all the drugs they sell are FDA approved. We had to investigate into this. Our establishment was that they aren’t. This shocked us as on their website, in the FAQ’s section, they claim that their drugs are actually approved by FDA.


Pricing of drugs

Their pricing is suspiciously inexpensive. Look at this example: a Viagra pill only costs $0.27! A Cialis pill retails at only $0.68! 10 Viagra + 10 Cialis pills cost only $46.16! Okay, that is cost-effective, but what’s their interest? Do they even earn some? If yes, what is their source of drugs?

extremely low price

We have the answers. On their website, they haven’t told us of the source of their drugs. Our efforts to find their source was in vain. The only option left here was to conclude that they must be victims of counterfeit drugs. These are the only cheap ones that if sold at the prices they do, some interest can be realized.


Accepted Payment Options

Drugs-1.com accepts two methods of payment for their drugs: MasterCard and Visa. This locks out all users of all the other payment processors, including the globally popular PayPal. The payments are however SSL-Secured. This means that the user’s information cannot be accessed by a third party.


Delivery Options

Drugs-1.com uses two methods to deliver drugs to its clients; EMS courier services & Airmail. With EMS, one should expect his/her drugs within 3-8 days. With the latter (Airmail), you wait for 2-3 weeks to get your drug(s). Those who prefer that their drugs be delivered through the EMS courier service are expected to pay $19.95. The Airmail service delivery costs $9.95. We know deals that cost far much less than these. Some are even absolutely FREE.


Contact Information

You can contact the online pharmacy using the contact details they’ve provided on their website. They’ve got a contact form that you can fill to reach them, after which you should expect a response via your email (you provide this in the contact form). You can also call them on the following numbers; +1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092. That’s all. They’ve got no online chat and no specified e-mail address. This isn’t consistent with the trend in legit online pharmacies.



CIPA approves any worthy online pharmacy in Canada. Neither CIPA nor NABP recognizes drugs-1.com. ScamAdviser awards the online pharmacy a low trust rating of 0%LegitScript identifies it as a Rogue pharmacy. The inference? It’s not legitimate. That’s all.

status: rogue


Drugs-1.com Reviews

Behind reviews, there are experiences that matter a lot. The reviews reveal the actual picture of a website’s services. Drugs-1.com has exclusively positive reviews. This is a trend that’s common with the rogue online pharmacies. We had to do an investigation to verify this. Our finding…?

only positive

The reviews are common across most scammy websites that we don’t want to list here as their days are also coming. They must have paid some organization to be issued with the reviews. In fact, the reviews are meant for misleading the customers into thinking that the site is, and has been a trustable one. Furthermore, we tried to look for the site’s genuine reviews elsewhere. We found none. Our search at Trustpilot.com yielded no results of even a single review.




We realize that drugs-1.com is a scam. It deceives customers with reviews but in turn sell to them unapproved drugs that could even poison them! The online drugstore isn’t recognized by the major approval bodies. They also hide their real location and are registered with a business name that has poor records. Although their website is easily navigable and secure during payment checkout, all that means nothing if the primary object of trade isn’t of trusted quality.

They deserve a 1-star rating and that’s all we can give. Be careful!




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