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bright layout is a UK based online pharmacy which states that they have been in business since 2001. They offer to provide quality services and a hassle-free experience. Our investigation into this site shows up some potential problems with these claims and reveals whether you can put your trust in this site for your medical needs.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2005-10-14
Owner CountryUK
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
Name Innox Trading Ltd
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: probationary certification
Customer Support
Toll-Number01695 474433
Courier Mailno
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Details

The address was first registered in 2005 and will continue to be registered until at least 2025. This is a good sign of a legit business and not a scam, though they haven’t been running this site since 2001 as was expected.

Reputable companies are more likely to register their sites for a longer time as it is a business asset that they expect to use for a long time. The record also tells us the business name of the registrant, this is also a good sign as these details are frequently hidden.

registered on 2005-10-14


Business Information

The name and address of the business behind this site is easy to find on the drugstore. A check with the UK Government Companies House database shows that this is a real active business.

company status: active

The fact that the contact details on this site are the same as those found on the database, is very good and would suggest a legit business.


Regulatory Approvals

Regulation of online pharmacies is a good idea if you want to avoid receiving fake counterfeit medicine with the wrong level of active ingredients or no active ingredients at all. This online pharmacy is based in the European Union and as such has to follow European distance selling rules. If they do not display the distance selling logo or are not registered with a Government agency they would be operating the store illegally.

Fortunately, this online pharmacy is sticking to the rules and is registered with the correct agency as well as using the logos required under the law. They are registered with the UK agency the MHRA.


The pharmacy which dispenses medicine is at the same location as the business address given and is also correctly registered. The pharmacy is found on the General Pharmaceutical Council database.

1 result was found


Products For Sale

A wide range of products is available to buy on this site. They stock everything from first aid kits to fragrances as well as medicine which requires a prescription. They can provide a private prescription if needed or you can order repeat medication using the Electronic Prescription Service. One downside to this site is that they only sell drugs to people in the UK, this is due to legal restrictions.


Payment and Shipping

You are able to use credit and debit cards as well as Amazon Payments on this site to buy your medicine. The site is secure with the correct site certificate.

This online pharmacy only sells drugs in the UK and charges £2.95 per order. Delivery takes 3 to 5 days and tracking is available. Shipping is free on orders over £30. Reviews

The use of other people’s experiences in the form of customer reviews is a great way to find out how well an online pharmacy performs. All too often, though, we have found fake customer reviews created by the owners of scam drugstore sites. This is done because they know full well that it will improve their sales and earn them more money in the process.

Customer testimonials which are posted to an independent site are better than reviews found on the store itself.

There is a like on the front page of this online drugstore to a page for reviews. The customer feedback found here is mostly good with an overall rating of four out of five, but it does show that this business has suffered some issues lately.

2 stars

This is just one of quite a few reviews which highlight a problem with slow delivery times and customer service problems. A customer service representative does reply to every review and tries to help where needed, which is good.



We award this online pharmacy 3-stars out of five. We are marking them down for issues with slow delivery, the inconsistency between business start dates, and the fact that they only sell medication in the UK. Other than these problems, there are things to recommend including correct regulation and real business name and address. Though, overall there are better drug sellers online.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

We have placed the best online pharmacies into a separate list on the Pharmacy Ratings page. Ratings of online pharmacies that have successfully passed verification and check by our team: Link>>>

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