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common view is an online pharmacy offering high-quality medicine to its customers. They promise bonuses and discounts, as well as 24/7 customer support. But what is it they’re not telling us, and is this a pharmacy you should trust? Our review of their services suggests it isn’t, however.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2020-10-10
Owner CountrySpain
Contact Informationno
Business Information
NameOnline Pharmacy
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

Looking at the domain name information for this website shows that they are brand new. Their pharmacy has been registered for less than a month. As a consequence of this new registration, the chances of this pharmacy being a scam and much greater.

reegistered in 2020

Some information about where this pharmacy has been registered is given in the record. It tells us that they are located in Coruna, which is on the northwestern tip of Spain.


Business Contact Details

Despite the information given in the domain name record, contact information on the website is sadly lacking. They don’t give an address in Spain as we might have expected, instead, there isn’t an address at all.

If you need to get in contact with the pharmacy. they have an online form or a toll-free US phone number.


Regulatory Approvals

There is an “FDA Approved” logo accompanying every photograph of pills on the site. You shouldn’t mistake this for regulatory approval, however, it only implies that the formulas used to create the pills have been approved by the FDA. Though we have no way of confirming that this is really true.

There are no seals for regulatory approval to be found anywhere on the store. Since there is evidence to show that this is a Spanish based business, they should be following the EU rules.

It is clear to see that they aren’t following these rules, however. Nowhere on the site do they display the common EU distance selling logo, and that means that they are operating this pharmacy illegally from Spain.

To confirm this, a check with the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency shows that they aren’t registered.


Medications Offered

This pharmacy largely sticks to selling generic drugs, though they do also sell brand-name products. Prices are fairly low if you do buy larger quantities.

There is a lack of information on the product pages, so we don’t know who has manufactured the pills for most products, and we aren’t told where they are dispatched from. While we might assume they have been sent from Spain, the chances are that they are actually being sent from India, Pakistan, or China.

This lack of information about where the pills are coming from is a problem and a common feature with scam online pharmacies. This means the pills are coming from unknown sources, which greatly increases the chances of them being a low-quality product.

This could mean they contain the wrong ingredients, all the wrong amounts of the correct ingredients. Either way, this really isn’t good.


Payment and Shipping

Payment for your medication takes place on a different website. This other website is secure, and gives you the option to pay through the following methods:

  • Major credit cards
  • Bitcoin

There is only one option for shipping, this is a courier service with tracking, and it will cost you $30. Information about delivery times for this store isn’t given, however. Shipping is free if you spend more than $300 on their site. Reviews

There is a page on the site for reviews, the testimonials found there aren’t great, however. We have seen these customer comments many times before on a lot of other rogue pharmacy sites.

fake comments

It is very obvious that these testimonials are fake. Since the pharmacy address was only registered less than a month ago, it is almost impossible for them to have gained so many positive customer comments in that time.

The earliest customer feedback on the site even gives a date of 2015, showing that there is no way these can be genuine customer reports.



There are many problems with this online pharmacy, the anonymous nature of the store being one of them. Since we don’t know where the pills are coming from or who operates the store, the risks are significant.

They provide no regulatory approval, so we can’t give an approval either, 1 star.




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