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We have already reviewed a myriad of internet drugstores on behalf of the general customers/users like you. Likewise, we are now all set to review; in simple words, it’s a cheat and rogue online pharmacy which is deceiving the customers. To have a better understanding of this unreliable drugstore, you are requested to read this entire review and apprehend more details.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-09-13
Owner CountryUkraine
Contact Informationfake
Business Information
NameCheap Meds
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Info

The domain related information of this pharmacy website can be validated via According to the findings that we have got, the domain has been registered on 2017-09-13, The domain is operating since 2017 (approximately for around one year).

work since 2017

The domain has pretty short longevity i.e. it will be expired on 2021-09-13. The domain registrant contact name is provided as Jack Burton. The registrant belongs to an address of Minnesota, US. The domain registrant address is provided as 1776 prairie lane NE, Owatonna, Minnesota, US, and Post Code 55060.


Business Profile

The business profile details of this internet drugstore do not really look much safe and reliable. For example, the website has a very low trust rating and it may not be safe to use. It’s also written that the site is most probably based out of Ukraine. To be more precise, the probable website location is Ukraine. What’s more, the website seems to be operating from a high-risk country which is not safe at all. The website setup involves certain countries that are known to be quite risky. Apart from that, a large number of suspicious websites has been also detected on the server.

operating from a high-risk country


Regulatory Approvals

Being a rogue and unreliable drugstore, the platform does not have any regulatory approvals. For example, not only it appears in the CIPA member database, but also it has been flagged as a rogue site as per We have validated all the details via CIPA website where it’s clearly written that is not approved by CIPA as the website blatantly failed to meet the internet pharmacy verification standards of CIPA. In addition to it, we have further found out that LegitScript has flagged this online clinic as Rogue.


Therefore, it’s clearly proved that this rogue online pharmacy has no approvals from both CIPA and LegitScript. That’s why we strongly recommend you not to purchase any medicines from them. Well, the site may sell different types of prescription drugs at a low price. But, please do not fall for the low price as the quality of the medications may not be right for your health.


Products and Pricing

Although the site sells a diverse range of prescription medications at a low price; we still do not recommend this drugstore to you. That’s because it’s a pretty common tendency of all online pharmacies to purposely deteriorate the drug quality and reduce the overall pricing as much as possible. Therefore, it’s quite probable that these low-priced medications do not have great product quality.


Payment and Shipping Policy

cards, Bitcoin and EthereumAccording to the details that we have obtained on the homepage of this internet pharmacy, the platform supports three types of payment methods, such as MasterCard, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. airmail, EMSHence, as a user, you can place an order by using any of these aforementioned payment methods.

The platform supports two shipping methods, for example, EMS shipping service and Airmail.


Delivery Methods

As you probably know, the Airmail shipping service is non-trackable and it does not come with any tracking option.This shipping method takes more time to deliver an order to any destination. On the contrary, EMS shipping service is fast and it has a tracking option. In case if you are availing EMS shipping service, you will be offered a tracking number using which you can track the shipment. Reviews

The website has no customer reviews/ratings as per Since the platform does not really have any customer rating or review, we have failed to validate if the site has got good customer reputation or not. There is a bunch of comments on the site itself, but we can not trust them. They are too positive about this insecure site.



Final Verdict

Well, from the entire review, it’s quite obvious that is a fraud site. This online pharmacy is running a scam business. Please, beware of this fake internet drugstore. We have provided it a rating of only 1 star out of 5.




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