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Big Mountain Drugs is a Canadian-based online pharmacy that allegedly works with leading pharmaceutical suppliers to dispense top quality medications at affordable rates. This pharmacy claims to have a clientele base that is spread throughout the world. While it seems to be a genuine pharmacy, we discovered that it is embroiled in numerous cases of drug-law violation. Below is a comprehensive review of this online drugstore.

Domain Information

After carrying out a search on, we discovered that this pharmacy was established close to 10 years ago. The domain was registered in November 2008. With such a long lifespan, you can easily discern that this pharmacy is legit.

However, we could not establish the name of the registrant considering the fact that they are using a privacy service to conceal their details. The reason for this could be to avoid being spammed by overzealous marketers.


Scam Assessment

Interestingly, a search on scamadviser reveals that this pharmacy has suspicious tendencies, considering the fact that it has a 46% trust rating. Apparently, some customers have complained about their data being compromised on several occasions when making payments on this platform. Therefore, you should be extra careful, especially when using your credit card.

We also discovered that this site could be based in the United States while the owner is located in Barbados. This means that the pharmacy is not entirely honest about their real location.


More Than One

Our investigations reveal that this pharmacy is related to at least 5 different drugstores. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they belong to an illegal marketing scheme. In fact, the other drugstores have very different web layouts and designs. You can never tell that they are related unless you carry out a thorough search.

Prominent websites associated with Bigmountaindrugs include:



Organization Running Pharmacy

Big Mountain is run by an organization using the same name as its business name. We discovered that this company is in the business of dispensing drugs via a certified brick and mortar pharmacy located in Vancouver, Canada. The address provided is valid and truly exists as confirmed by a search on Google Maps.

The pharmacy also works licensed fulfillment centers located in various locations across the globe to dispense medications to international clients.


Drug Categories

This pharmacy has been licensed to sell both prescription medications and over the counter drugs to clients worldwide. Additionally, the pharmacy deals in both generic and brand name drugs. You can find any type of medication ranging from common pain relievers to skin care products.

We discovered that most medications are sourced from reputable pharmaceutical companies located in:

  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Mauritius
  • Singapore
  • the United Kingdom
  • Turkey

When it comes to prescription requirements, the pharmacy demands that anyone buying drugs marked RX must produce a valid prescription written by a licensed physician.


Prices of medications

This pharmacy promises to offer medications at affordable rates. The prices of drugs range from 50% to 90% lower than your regular drugstore. This price range is reasonable considering the fact that the majority of drugs on sale are generic.


Legal compliance and accreditations

The pharmacy is among the 60 websites approved to carry the CIPA seal. It has also been verified by Pharmacy Checker as a legitimate pharmacy.

Nevertheless, Bigmountaindrugs has been embroiled in a tussle with the US FDA for dispensing unapproved drugs. Apparently, this pharmacy is in constant violation of drug regulations by dispensing unapproved medications. We managed to obtain a warning letter from the FDA proving the same.


Accepted Payment Methods

The pharmacy accepts payments via:

  •  MasterCard
  • Visa
  •  Personal Check
  •  International Money Order

The pharmacy does not accept insurance claims from US companies.


Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped via regular airmail. The pharmacy charges a $10 flat rate on all shipments, regardless of the number of drugs you have purchased. Delivery times range from 10 to 18 business days.


Customer Reviews

We could not gather any testimonials about this site as they do not offer avenues for customers to post their feedback. The 2 positive reviews we encountered on the BBB website are not enough to help us judge the level of service this pharmacy offers. Despite the fact that the pharmacy is not accredited by the BBB, it has an A+ rating.


Is Legit?

This pharmacy has a decent popularity, especially among US customers. However, the fact that they are in constant violation of drug regulations, raises questions about their legitimacy. Nevertheless, since they have valid certifications from CIPA and Pharmacy Checker, we can confirm that Big Mountain Drugs is a legitimate pharmacy. They should strive to correct some of the malpractices they are involved in to clear their name. In the meantime, this pharmacy deserves a 3 out of 5-star rating.




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