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common view is a site promoting many different types of medication. Despite the name, it is not linked to the Best Buy multinational retail chain. We look at the details of this site to discover some reasons to be concerned.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2004-05-31
Owner CountryIndia
Contact Informationno
Business Information
NameBest Buy Pharmacies
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Name Information

The domain name information found in the Whois database for this address shows that it was registered in 2004. Domain names which have been around for longer tend to suggest a more reliable business.

registered on 2004-05-31

The database entry also reveals that the owner has chosen to use a domain privacy service to make sure that their real name and contact information isn’t in this open record. This is something which is very commonly found in the Whois entries for scam online pharmacies.


Web Platform

Medstore OnlineThis pharmacy site looks very dated, it uses a narrow design which you no-longer find on modern sites. It wouldn’t surprise us if this is the same design used when the site was first launched.

They seem to offer a range of drugs but when you click to find out more you are taken to a different site. The online pharmacy site seems to be providing purchasing options for the Best Buy Pharmacies site.

As we have seen has been around for many years and as such, they will likely be more trusted by the search engines. This means that they will feature higher in the search results than newer sites and the higher a site appears the more visitors they will receive. It seems likely that the same person owns both sites with the older site used to push more customers to MedStore.


Business Contact Details

Best Buy doesn’t have a contact page and no further information about the ownership is forthcoming. MedStore is presumably in India based on their .in domain name.

registered in 2018

The domain name information shows us that this store has only been operating for just over a year, but unfortunately, they are using domain privacy to hide their real contact information.


Regulatory Approval

The Best Buy site doesn’t show any sign of operating with any regulatory approval, but that site isn’t supplying or claiming to supply medication so it doesn’t really need any. MedStore does supply medication, but it doesn’t have any regulation either.

This lack of any regulation means that there are no rules in place to make sure the consumer gets safe medication or that their personal information isn’t shared with others. LegitScript is concerned about these issues and considers MedStore to be a rogue online pharmacy.



Medication Promoted promotes quite a large range of diverse medications. They don’t provide any information about the medications, they just link to the MedStore page where you can make a purchase.

Alprazolam, Ambien, Zolpidem, Tramadol

MedStore is sending medication from India, though they fail to provide information about the dispensing pharmacy used. They boast that they don’t require a prescription, this isn’t a sign of a reputable pharmacy.


Payment and Shipping has a valid SSL security certificate and you can choose to pay with credit cards, e-check, bank wire or Bitcoin.

They offer a 10% discount for Bitcoin transactions and a $15 discount when you use e-check.

There isn’t a choice when it comes to shipping. Airmail is charged at $29.90 and this includes an insurance charge of $7 that you can’t opt out of. Shipping time is between 14 and 28 business days. Reviews

Since they don’t sell medication there isn’t much point in searching for reviews. When it comes to reviews they have a large number on their own testimonial pages.


There are 8 pages of very positive customer feedback on these pages. They date from 2012 with the most recent comment being from 2017. It is strange that there have been no more customer testimonials since 2017. Looking through the comments reveals some information which may provide the answer.


One customer mentions that they have used, not the Indian domain name version. This .com site is no longer available and it appears that the business behind this store switched over to using the .in domain last year.

It doesn’t make sense for them to have done this voluntarily as they would have lost a lot of sales by doing this. It seems more likely that they were closed down by the authorities, which is something which eventually happens to popular scam pharmacies.



BestBuyPharmacies is a site which has been around for a long time and though it may have sold products as one time, it now just links to MedStore.

Unfortunately, MedStore doesn’t look like a reliable store, with no regulation, no transparency and a history of changing domain names probably because they were shut down. We award just 1 star out of a maximum of five.




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