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interface is an online pharmacy store from a company which was established in 1975. They promise cheap and reliable generic medication. Our investigation into this drugstore reveals some shocking information that you need to know about before you shop here.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2009-12-16
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameBend Pills Box
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-Number(541) 382-1454
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The domain name records tell us that this site has been registered since 2009 and that the owner is an individual in Germany. A long registration history normally suggests a more reliable website that is less likely to be a scam. However, the German ownership doesn’t seem to align with what the site is telling us.

registered on 2009-12-16


Business Details

address and phone numberWhen checking for contact details for the company operating the site we do find an address in Bend, Oregon, USA. This is particularly strange as the logo for the store says ‘MyCanadianPharmacy’. Apparently, this Canadian pharmacy is really operating in the US!

On further investigation, the truth starts to reveal itself. The address they give is the location of a real-world pharmacy store, or at least it was, it closed down in 2016.

Bend Pill Box Pharmacy

This real-world store was part of a larger group of pharmacies which still continue to operate. On the website for this group, all mention of the store located in Bend were removed in 2016.

What seems to have happened, is that when this pharmacy went out of business the domain name registration wasn’t renewed and was then available for anyone to register. It was registered by persons unknown and this site was created using some of the details and text used by the now-defunct pharmacy. This site is masquerading as a legitimate real-world pharmacy with over 41 years of experience. This is a fraudulent scam using the stolen identity of a former business.


They do provide another address in Montreal, Canada as their business premises. However, the street they give as their address has only residential properties and seems to clearly be a fake address. Both the addresses they have given us are fake, so we are unable to know who is really operating this online pharmacy.


Two Versions of Same Store

When you first visit the site you are using an online store which doesn’t have an SSL security certificate. This site features all the references to Oregon based pharmacy, but there is also a version of the site with an SSL certificate. The second version of the site uses ‘https’ in front of the address to show that it is secure, but both versions of the site use the same address on the same server. The FAQ page and product pages link from the insecure site through to the alternate version. However, the second version of the store has no references to the real-world Oregon pharmacy.

Two different contact pages on the same site.


Regulatory Approval

Regulation of online pharmacies is an important factor if you want to buy safe medication. The risk of receiving fake and counterfeit medication from online pill sellers is a real problem which could be very hazardous to your health.


Bend Pill Box shows no sign of having any regulation regardless of whether it is operating from Canada or the US. LegitScript hasn’t reviewed this pharmacy as yet, but it is unlikely they will give it a good review when they do.


Payment and Shipping

Payment for medication can be made using credit cards or e-check. The checkout page is secure so there is some level of protection from third parties stealing your card details. However, we don’t believe it is really a good idea to trust this business with your financial information, after all, they don’t trust you with their real address.

Your shipping options are either airmail or a trackable courier service. Airmail costs $10 and the courier service is $30. Free airmail delivery can be had on orders which exceed $200. Reviews

Comments by previous customers are a great way to discover issues with online drugstores. When it comes to reviews we are unable to find any testimonials for this site. The only reviews which show up are for the real-world pharmacy of the same name, which no longer exists and has no connection to the business which now uses the same website address.



This online pharmacy has gone out of its way to misrepresent who they are. They are trying to make people believe they are a reliable business with a long history in dispensing drugs. We don’t know where this business is actually operated from or where drugs are dispensed. This leaves customers open to receiving fake medication or being ripped off. For these reasons, we give this site 2-stars out of five.




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