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common view is a professional-looking drugstore that claims to offer quality products. Our look into the services provided by this pharmacy highlight many issues that suggest that this store is actually a rogue business that you should avoid.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2013-12-20
Owner CountryIndia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameAll Generic Medicine
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Name Details

The records in the domain name database for reveals that they have been around since 2013. We can also see that the domain doesn’t expire until 2024, and this could suggest that the pharmacy is going to be more reliable.

registered in 2013

There is information about the registrant in this database entry as well. This gives the business name of Simons Wood OPC PVT Ltd who are located in Delhi, India.

in business since 2017

Checking these company details, we can see that this is a real business. However, they have only been registered for 3 years and this doesn’t match up with the details in the domain registration or the information on their store.


Business Contact Information

Regardless of the information, we found in the domain name records, these details don’t show up on the website itself. They don’t provide a business name or even an address for where they are located.


Despite having a company profile page on their site, they don’t give any details about their business. This makes them appear to be more likely a scam than a reliable company you can trust.


Regulatory Approvals

There aren’t any regulatory seals to be found on the pharmacy site. While they do have some other security seals and review site logos, this isn’t pharmacy accreditation.


LegitScript has taken a look at what this pharmacy has to offer, and their conclusion isn’t great. They give them their lowest possible classification of a rogue online drugstore that seems likely to be scamming people.


Pills Offered

As the name of the business suggests, they specialize in generic medications. The pills appear to be sent from either India or South Africa, though they don’t give an exact address in either case.

Modula, etc.

This could mean that the pills are not dispensed by people with the right qualifications to do that safely. If you order from this pharmacy, you might find you don’t get what you expect. This could mean that the pills you order aren’t improving your health as you expect, and could do you long-term harm.


Payment and Shipping

The website has the basic level of security you would expect with any online e-commerce store. They seem to be taking payment through PayPal which gives you the following payment options:

  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Western Union

This pharmacy only offers customers a single option for shipping. You can expect to be charged $20 for USPS delivery.

They don’t provide free shipping options when you reach a certain purchase amount as many pharmacies do. This will add to your overall expenses when buying meds from this pharmacy when compared to other stores. Reviews

We can read reviews on their Trustpilot page. They have a total of 41 customer comments, and these are mostly good. A quarter of them isn’t, however.

scam victims

There are some allegations of fraud, with several people claiming that their credit card details have been used by scammers. This is a risk whenever you use your credit card on a website that is operated by people that are trying to be anonymous.

Some of the feedback on that page also appears to be fake. There are a couple of reviewers who have left feedback for other dubious-looking pharmacy sites too. The other sites that they have reviewed appear to be related to this one, and this could mean that they are working directly for the company that is responsible for this pharmacy site.



It seems very clear that this store is a scam and we only give them 1 star. They have no regulation and don’t want to give you their business details. They also appear to be manipulating the feedback on Trustpilot, and there are some very serious allegations of fraud.

There seem to be far too many risks with this drugstore for you or anyone else to risk a purchase. There are many better pharmacies available online if you need to order cheaper medications, this doesn’t seem like a great choice overall.




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