Popular Types of Pharmacy Fraud

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When buying medicine, there is more of a risk of fraud than you might expect. You want to put your trust in those businesses that supply your vital healthcare products, but the truth is you have to be on your guard as fraud is all too common. We take a look at the issues you should be aware of when you next buy medicine, whether online or off.

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Order-RxPills.com Reviews – Short Longevity

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Order-RxPills.com claims to be a happy family store where you can conveniently purchase the required medicines. Well, the claim sounds quite promising but it’s now the time to validate if the above claim is true or not. That’s why we have created this honest and unbiased review where you will reveal all the details of this drugstore website including its domain info, business profile info, regulatory approval details, and much more too.

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OvernightPharm.com Reviews – Difficult to Trust

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OvernightPharm.com is a store promising secure ordering, bonus pills, and free shipping. While this might sound appealing, there could be many reasons to mistrust this pharmacy. We look at the site to check whether what they offer is believable and if you should pick them to fulfill your medical needs.

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Trust-Pharm.com Reviews – Fraud Alert

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Trust-Pharm.com is an alleged online worldwide drug store where you can buy high-quality generic drugs for men at a discounted rate from top suppliers around the world. They want to provide affordable healthcare to everyone affected by the expensive local prices along with unrivaled delivery. They also supposedly deployed strict security and privacy protocols to prevent fraudulent activities on their platform. The pharmacy’s layout is present on several rogue pharmacies we checked before, so we decided to review this drug store to find out the truth about the pharmacy. Do read our review below to know more about them.

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24hMedShop.com Reviews – No Credebility

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24hmedshop.com supposedly sells men’s performance enhancement drugs at an inexpensive price to their customers worldwide. They claim to sell both branded and generic medications and all their products are verified by the FDA along with other international regulators. They also claim customer satisfaction is a priority and offer rapid customer grievance redressal to all customer queries. We probed the pharmacy to clear our suspicions about the pharmacy. Don’t forget to read our detailed review before purchasing their drugs.

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PharmacyStore24h.com Reviews – No Sense

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Pharmacystore24h.com is an alleged Canadian drug store where you can purchase men’s generic as well as branded drugs at an inexpensive rate from the established suppliers worldwide. They also supposedly offer 24-hour customer service along with the rapid delivery of all their products. All their drugs are thoroughly checked for quality control and certified by the FDA and other international regulators. We tried and reviewed the pharmacy to find out the truth behind the pharmacy. Read our review below and then decide whether to buy their medications or avoid them completely.

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365Pills.com Reviews – Poorly Designed Rogue Pharmacy

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365pills.com is another online drugstore with a weird looking layout that sells generic health drugs for men at an affordable price. On their website, they mentioned they have over 250,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Not much information is available on their website that looks to be designed in a hurry. We decided to review the pharmacy to find out whether you should buy their medicine or avoid the pharmacy altogether. Read our comprehensive review below to know more about the pharmacy.

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